Ransomware Attacks

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Attacks Since 2016
What is a Ransomware Attack?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks, or encrypts, what is deemed to be the user's most important data. Then, the cyber criminals hold this data hostage, demanding a ransom payment in order for the user to retrieve access to their files again. Don't let hackers encrypt or steal your data.

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Ransomware Identifiers:

Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files Users are no longer able to access their files
Help fixing Ransomware files. The file extensions have changed
Malware Ransom Screen Alert A ransom note is displayed on the user's screen

Ransomware is Spreading Across the U.S.

There is a rash of ransomware hitting the United States. These attacks will only continue to grow in intensity and frequency. It's not just consumers being attacked. Corporations, small businesses and even government agencies are having their computer files held ransom. Read more about the best Ransomware Protection for Business.

Behind Every Attack is a Failed Antivirus

Ransomware and cyber security have an inverse relationship. The better the security, the less likely the ransomware will be able to execute. Unfortunately, many of today's antivirus solutions are based on out-dated technology, only blocking files that are known to be bad. With cyber criminals creating new strains of malware every day, waiting for a "bad" classification is not feasible.

The best ransomware protection uses application whitelisting that completely blocks malware from infecting your computer, mobile device or network. Learn more about how PC Matic's patented whitelisting security solutions can keep you safe from ransomware attacks. PC Matic's Anti-Ransomware Software Solution is the best cyber defense providing comprehensive virus, malware and ransomware protection.

"Ask yourself, will regular antivirus software keep you safe from hackers intruding into your device? Will it stop Cryptowall or Cryptolocker malware?" See the anti-malware comparison chart below to see how well other antivirus software products perform at preventing data breaches and cyber attacks.

This graph shows you how many times each security solution failed, thus allowing ransomware to infiltrate its customers' networks
This information was obtained through the submission of FOIA requests, as well as government contracts. As additional information is received, this graph will be updated.
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History of Ransomware

Ransomware originated in 1989; however it wasn't until 2008 that the trend began to truly expand. It was then that the hackers were falsifying their identities as the FBI demanding payment for a "fine" for "illegal activities". Unfortunately, the hackers learned how lucrative ransomware could potentially be and has been on the rise since. The last twelve months have shown the most growth in ransomware since origination in 1989.

Ransomware continues to increase in popularity for two reasons; victims are paying ransoms and advances in technology are making malware attacks easier. Regardless of the type of ransomware, the overall concept remains consistent - extort the user by encrypting their most important data.

What Should You Do If Infected By Ransomware?

Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks

Do Not Pay the Ransom

Do not pay the ransom. When the ransom is paid, it feeds the ecosystem almost guaranteeing that the attacks will increase in frequency and severity. One of the reasons that you have become infected is because someone before you paid a ransom.

Who do I contact for Ransomware Attack Recovery?

Contact the FBI

The FBI is the center point for ransomware infections and they need to understand how many people and organizations are being infected and the impact on our country.

My computer is infected with a Ransomware.

Get the Sample

Have a computer professional find the sample and give it to your AV vendor. They can add this sample to their blacklist so others can avoid being infected with this strain. Almost all antivirus vendors have sample sharing arrangements, so once you report it, it is their responsibility to disseminate the sample to the other blacklists.

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