Learn how Application Whitelisting is superior to blacklisting in preventing cyber attacks and is the preferred choice of IT professionals.

  • What layers of cybersecurity do most companies deploy?
  • What is the number and type of threats impacting business networks?
  • How does whitelisting compare to the outdated blacklisting model?
  • What percentage of IT security leaders would consider an application whitelist solution for advanced cyber security?
What is Application Whitelisting?

What is Application Whitelisting?

Application Whitelisting Explained: In the field of Information Security, Whitelisting is an endpoint security solution that only allows tested, safe and approved applications to run on a device, computer or network system. Whitelisting security works in real-time and automatically updates to guarantee complete business data protection blocking all ransomware, malware, trojans, malicious scripts and other viruses.

For small business and enterprise networks including cloud-managed services, whitelisting is the best endpoint security, antivirus and malware protection for IT professionals and OT (Operational Technology) departments.

Whitelisting provides superior vulnerability management and business threat protection. Time that would normally be spent on disaster recovery and business continuity plans can be better used to manage which software applications, downloads and executable files are permitted to be present on a device, computer system, or data network.

The ultimate goal of whitelisting application software solutions is to completely protect computers and networks from hackers, ransomware and malware that can disrupt business operations by holding your data hostage. Explore PC Matic's award-winning and patented Endpoint Business Security Suite.

Whitelisting Application Security Software

PC Matic Pro Endpoint Security for business and enterprise has the best tools for Application Allow Whitelisting - the ultimate in data, endpoint, server and network protection.

What is Whitelisting Endpoint Security? Whitelist software gives your IT professionals complete control over which files and programs are allowed to run on your workstations, laptops, mobile devices, the cloud and entire system network.

Since prevention is the key to complete network and internet safety, application whitelisting endpoint software only allows tested, already confirmed safe executable programs and files to run on a device or network.

Whitelisting vs Blacklisting for Business Security

Whitelist vs Blacklist. What is the best Business Endpoint Protection? Whitelist technology only allows trusted applications you manage to run - and literally blocks everything else including malicious scripts, exploits, ransomware, malware, spyware, and polymorphic viruses. For small-business and enterprise, PC Matic PRO's patented real-time system and network security software products prevent ransomware and cybercriminal attacks by placing cybersecurity in the hands of IT administrators.

Proactive threat detection and prevention are the best strategy for managing applications and combines the advantages of whitelisting and blacklisting applications. Greater IT systems security control helps to ensure that end-users cannot inadvertently run malicious malware programs because no application that is not already vetted and whitelisted can run.

What makes PC Matic Application Whitelisting Solutions Unique?

Our Whitelisting Application Software Tools feature real-time, automated global whitelist updating, malware research team analysis and categorization, advanced heuristics to prevent fileless script-based malware, and fast simple application allow for IT administrators. Contact us to explore the best application whitelisting tools for your business. Read more about whitelisting software for business.

The Best Application Whitelisting Software for Cybersecurity

PC Matic Pro is not your standard whitelisting or application control approach to business cybersecurity. There is no need for a huge IT staff to create and manage a giant whitelist of applications for your company. Instead, our global whitelist is maintained by professional malware researchers removing most of the application control work from your IT staff while fully mitigating false positives.

Fight Hackers & Cybercrime with Application Whitelisting Tools

Cyber Criminals are continuing to adapt, look for new threat vectors and attack surfaces. PC Matic Pro with complete application control, stops them by preventing fileless malware attacks that attempt to leverage known good scripting hosts and applying innovative Remote Desktop Protocol security to prevent unknown RDP sessions in your network.

Combine these Application Whitelisting Tools with a comprehensive suite of anti-malware and remote management tools including zero-touch deployment, and you have the most critical solution in your IT cyber security to fight business threats and cybercrime.

Application Whitelisting Solutions

Whitelisting software prevents installation and execution of any application that is not specifically authorized for use on a device or network. This prevents cyber threats including malware, ransomware, viruses, and other unauthorized software or malicious scripts trying to gain unauthorized access.

The Types of Application Whitelisting

  • File Attribute Whitelisting: Uses File Path, File Name, and File Size.
  • Unique Identity Whitelisting: Uses Cryptographic Hash as unique application identifiers; Digital Signatures and Publisher Identitiy Verification
  • Software Identification Tags (SWID Tags): Unique indentifiers for installed software applications and bundled software products.
  • Enforceable Whitelist Security: Full Device Lockdown; Event Logging; Audit Mode and Blacklist Enforcement Availability
  • Kernel Level Security Whitelisting: Process Isolation and Application Control for Windows, Linux and Android; Block unsigned scripts; restrict Windows PowerShell
  • Malicious Script Security Whitelisting
  • Email Security Whitelist.
  • 800 Phone Number Whitelist.

Whitelisting Security Software Features

  • Global Whitelist: Master list of trusted, good known applications.
  • Hash Whitelist: Real time updates of millions of known good file hashes.
  • Signature Whitelist: Real time updates of millions of digital signature files.
  • Local Whitelist: One-click application-allow to the whitelist by IT administrators.
  • Local Directory Whitelist: Application Control for mission critical, managed and unmanaged endoints.
  • RDP Authentication Whitelist: Multi-factor authentication with secure RDP, automated driver and security patch updates.
  • Device Authentication Whitelist: Access Control providing each user only the minimum permissions required to do their job.
  • TLS-secured connection to access records in the cloud or to send and receive email. Encrypts communication between apps and servers.
  • Windows Application Whitelisting: Microsoft Office valid scripting to prevent malicious scripts from executing from within an MS Office app.
  • Kernel Data Protection (KDP): Prevents data corruption attacks by protecting Windows kernel and drivers using virtualization-based security.
  • Granular Management of Extensions & Libraries Whitelist:
    Whitelist montinoring of scripts, macros, browser plug-ins, add-ons, extensions, libraries, config files, and registry entries on Windows machines.

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