Enhancing Zero Trust Security Through A Proactive Application Whitelist

Business Risk Assessment

The cost, and prevalence, of cyber attacks continue to grow. What is your business risk? The business risk calculator below helps bring awareness to the potential exposure risk each business is facing. Simply input the applicable numbers for a government entity to discover the business risk amount.

Total Business Risk: 000
Productivity Loss 000
Revenue Loss 000
Avoid paying 000 after a cyber attack by investing 000 in PC Matic Pro.
The calculator is using estimates provided by third-parties independent of PC Matic, with the exception of the cyber defense investment. The cyber defense investment is an estimate based on data entered and does not reflect an honorable quote.

Full Suite of RDP Controls

Manage remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports with comprehensive reporting of RDP activity, schedule remote sessions and mitigate risk with device authentication.


An additional layer of defense to be deployed in conjunction with existing cyber solutions, utilizing application whitelisting to block ransomware from infecting federal networks.

American-Based Supply Chain

Offering reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity that is researched, developed and supported entirely in the U.S.

White Paper

In-Depth Analysis of Application Whitelisting

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