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Essential Cybersecurity for Small Business

86% of small businesses are not prepared for a cyber attack. Are you prepared?
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Every PC Matic Pro License Includes These Amazing Features

Block Harmful Software

Automatically prevents dangerous software from running, keeping your business data safe from malware and cyber threats.

US-Based Support

Get free support and training from the US, ensuring you have reliable help available to tackle any technical challenges promptly.

Control Application Access

Choose which apps can operate and block the rest, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring only safe, necessary software runs.

Manage Remotely

Control your computers from any location, enhancing flexibility and ensuring continuous operations, even when you're away.

Track Software Usage

Maintain a comprehensive inventory of your network's software, helping you manage licenses and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate alerts about problems via email or text, allowing you to respond quickly to potential issues and minimize downtime.

Secure External Storage

Restrict access to external drives and folders for added security, protecting sensitive data from theft or accidental exposure.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly checks to ensure smooth device operation, preventing disruptions and extending the lifespan of your hardware.

Enhanced Security for Remote Access

Extra safeguards for the most vulnerable areas of your system, securing remote connections and protecting against intrusions.

Software Update Management

Easily update apps to eliminate security risks, keeping your systems secure against the latest threats by patching vulnerabilities promptly.

Monthly Report

A detailed review of the security and performance of your devices

Remote Power Management

Remotely shut down or restart your devices, saving energy and ensuring systems are refreshed and ready for business.

Easy File Management

Simplify file transfers to and from your computer, enhancing productivity by making it easier to access and share important files.

Run Only What You Trust and Block What You Don't

Innovative Application Allowlisting Security, Ransomware Protection & Secure Remote Management

Automated Real-Time Application Allowlist

Real-time automated application allowlisting provides default-deny protection against unknown malware, including ransomware, on your endpoints and network. Using our global allowlist, we remove the work that normally comes with Application Allowlisting; a NIST recommended approach.

Expansive Remote Management Tools

Access a suite of secure Remote Management Tools inside of your PC Matic Pro Cloud Console. From anywhere in the world, you can quickly VNC into a user's machine, open a Remote CMD Prompt to run scripts locally, browse and upload to file directories, remotely shut down and more.

Lockdown and Secure RDP Vulnerabilities

PC Matic's Secure RDP Lifeline provides a suite of security and management tools for RDP. Introduce allowlist-based protection for RDP sessions, get real-time SMS alerting with quick actions to kill an active session, and review expansive reporting that includes IP, location, duration, device name, etc.

PC Matic has scanned and verified over 22 billion applications and devices
PC Matic has prevented over 15,000,000 ransomware, zero-day and malware cyber attacks
More than 3 million satisfied customers have used PC Matic products and are now worry-free
Over 100k business endpoints use PC Matic to secure their IT infrastructure

Your Business Can't Afford to Overlook Cybersecurity

Only 14% of Small Businesses are Prepared to Defend Themselves from a Cyber Attack. Today's Cybersecurity Threats are Adapting Faster than Traditional Security Solutions Can React.

PC Matic for Small Business provides complete system security and ransomware prevention by leveraging its globally automated allowlist in combination with a suite of remote management tools. Protecting against ransomware and new types of malware requires a shift in focus. Reacting to infections after they occur is no longer an effective strategy against cybercriminals. Your security solution must block all unknown applications and only allow verified known good applications to run. With PC Matic, this is simple to deploy using our backbone of billions of known good applications and devices. In the event of a false positive, you can add an exception for custom or unique software to your entire business with just a few clicks.

Small Business Antivirus blocks cyber threats including privacy breaches, polymorphous viruses, trojans, worms, fileless infections, rootkits, spyware, adware, and fake virus scams. Save on the best small business malware protection to keep you and your data safe against threats to your sensitive data files and network system.

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