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Stop Ransomware and Hackers from stealing your data. PC Matic Pro SMB is helping small businesses take a cost-effective step towards preventing ransomware and devastating privacy breaches.

Innovative Application Allowlisting Security, Ransomware Protection & Secure Remote Management

Application Allowlisting prevents cyberattacks. Learn more about how a whitelisting cyber-defense protects your business.
The Best Antivirus for Small Business

Automated Application Whitelist

Real-time automated application allowlisting provides default-deny protection against unknown malware, including ransomware, on your endpoints and network. Using our global whitelist, we remove the work that normally comes with Application Allowlisting; a NIST recommended approach.

Anti-Malware for Small Business

Expansive Remote Management Tools

Access a suite of secure Remote Management Tools inside of your PC Matic Pro Cloud Console. From anywhere in the world, you can quickly VNC into a user’s machine, open a Remote CMD Prompt to run scripts locally, browse and upload to file directories, remotely shut down and more.

Secure RDP Port Control for Small Business

Lockdown RDP

PC Matic’s Secure RDP Lifeline provides a suite of security and management tools for RDP. Introduce whitelist-based protection for RDP sessions, get real-time SMS alerting with quick actions to kill an active session, and review expansive reporting that includes IP, location, duration, device name, etc.

The rise in ransomware attacks through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has been unprecedented

With the ability to shut down an entire business, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, and ultimately put jobs on the line; ransomware protection is critical for small businesses

PC Matic Pro for Small Business Security provides complete system security and ransomware prevention by leveraging its globally automated whitelist in combination with a suite of remote management tools. Protecting against ransomware and new types of malware requires a shift in focus. Reacting to infections after they occur is no longer an effective strategy against cybercriminals. Your security solution must block all unknown applications and only allow verified known good applications to run. With PC Matic for Small Business, this is simple to deploy using our backbone of millions of known good applications accumulated over the last decade. In the event of a false positive, you can add an exception for custom or unique software to your entire business with just a few clicks.

Small Business Antivirus blocks cyber threats including privacy breaches, polymorphous viruses, trojans, worms, fileless infections, rootkits, spyware, adware, and fake virus scams. Save on the best small business malware protection to keep you and your data safe against threats to your sensitive data files and network system.

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PC Matic Pro provides cybersecurity, data privacy, anti-ransomware and device management for businesses of all sizes

PC Matic Blocks Cyber Attacks. What are the most common cyber attacks affecting American small business?

Application Layer Attacks: cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in an application's software code to gain unauthorized access to a company's computer or network. An application attack consists of cyber criminals gaining access to unauthorized areas of a company's computer system or network. Cyber attackers most commonly start with hunting for application vulnerabilities written within code.

Phishing & SpearPhishing: hackers include malicious file attachments in an fake or spoofed email disguised as a trusted file. Once the malicious script file is downloaded and opened, the hacker has control over the victim's computer. SpearPhishing uses social engineering to trick company staff into opening a file or email received from the CEO, manager or other "trusted" member of the team. Many times, a fake request to send money or pay a bill is part of this malware scam. Phishing and Spear Phishing are key component of business email compromise (BEC) cyber-attacks, and are being used along with ransomware to target small businesses for financial gain.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks: attackers use artificially high server requests to "flood" and disrupt a website's server or email service. Denial of service results because the server is overwhelmed with fake or bad requests, crashing it or making it inaccessible. In the minimum, the site becomes slow, sluggish, or unable to respond to legitimate visitors impacting sales, traffic and revenue.

Brute Force Attacks / Credential Stuffing: hackers use automation scripts to try combinations of user name & password to gain unauthorized intrusion. They also exploit the fact that people tend to use easy passwords like 1234 or use the same username and password for multiple accounts. In credential attacks, hackers buy lists of stolen credentials from the dark web to gain unauthorized access to users' accounts. Using very long passwords (13 characters) and changing them often is a cybersecurity best practice.

Ransomware Attacks on Small Business: Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a business's data files and denies the business access to their own data. The cybercriminal then demands a ransom from the business to restore access through the use of a decryption key. Ransomware Attack costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands and even millions of dollars, usually payable to cybercriminals in the form of digital currency like Bitcoin. Cybercrime is becoming so prevalent that the U.S. Department of Justice is elevating investigations of ransomware attacks to high priority. The use of Application Allowlisting also known as Allow Listing Software is now a recommendation for effective business threat protection.

Destruction and Integrity Cyber Attacks are on the rise against small business. These cyber-assaults are used in conjuntion with Phishing email attacks by destroying or manipulating digital data in email messages, SMS texts, business collaboration apps, and work document files. These cyber-attacks can also hijack servers, use their resources and change timestamps on devices used in business communications including routers, servers, databases etc. to create and deploy "deepfake" data for use in targeted attacks on an enterprise. Destroy & Integrity attacks are also known as Business Communications Compromise (BCC) cyber-assaults.

Small Business Antivirus Review

There were some issues that PC Matic seemed to correct; found some viruses and things like that. It cleaned up our machines pretty well, streamlined them and made them run better.”

Antivirus for Small Business - PC Matic

The system is great, and you can’t go wrong for the price. The value that you get for the price, is just incredible.”

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