PC Matic Pro Server Security

Server security, protection and reliability. Stop cyber attacks, malware and ransomware with application allowlisting solutions.

Complete Server Protection — Protect Your Critical Information & Data with Application Control Software

PC Matic Pro Server Security keeps servers protected in a world full of malicious threats and bad actors that want access. Cybercrime is soaring, securing your network and sensitive data from hackers, malware and ransomware is a top priority.
PC Matic Pro Server Security

With a default-deny approach, our whitelist based protection stops unknown applications from running, keeping your server limited to only running known good applications. PC Matic is the leader in Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Solutions.

Our award-winning Server Security Software integrates complete application control, endpoint protection, real-time automated whitelisting, ransomware protection, secure RDP, VNC, zero-touch deployment, and remote management tools along with EDR capabilities and robust AV solutions. Review our Software Security Features

Business Critical Cyber Security

Servers are home to your most valuable and business critical information and Server Security incorporates more lock-down capabilities and alerts to ensure you’re always secure and aware.

Device control

With device control, you can easily disable removable storage capabilities to thwart potential malicious actors from stealing files right inside your building.

Server uptime alerts

Ensure your server is always online for you and your customers. If your server goes offline, we’ll immediately notify you over SMS or Email.

Server Maintenance mode

Server maintenance will cause alerts to kick off faster than you can check them; silence those alerts while you’re performing scheduled maintenance.

Priority malware analysis

With priority analysis any unknown applications stopped from running will receive categorization from our team within an hour.

Elevated support

Any support requests for servers automatically go to the front of the line to ensure your business operations are uninterrupted.

Refined product capabilities

We have specifically engineered the server protection to keep servers secure and running properly for you and your customers.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

Everything You Need to Know About Server Security

Server monitoring & threat detection

Detect and respond to cyber attacks and intrusions immediately. Network security monitoring is the first line of defense providing server security and integrity of your systems. PC Matic Pro Server Security protects IT departments from potential vulnerabilities, cybercriminals, ransomware and exploits. Our IT security professionals have decades of experience designing and implementing Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) cybersecurity solutions.

How can I keep my server protected?

Zero Trust cybersecurity using whitelisting technology. With cybercriminals coming up with new ways to attack a server, increased server security is essential in protecting your digital assets and network. PC Matic's comprehensive server security solution uses an arsenal of tools including automated whitelisting & blacklisting, secure RDP and VNC, automated patch and driver updates, 360 view remote monitoring, and multi-factor device authentication.

Getting started with zero trust solutions

Our team of security professionals will assess your current security posture and help you to implement a complete security solution for a fully protected, secure server and network. Our zero-trust solutions can be utilized across hybrid environments including cloud-hosted virtual machines to protect servers, applications and databases.

Securing your server network now

Business Network Security with Whitelisting offers comprehensive protection and hardening against server attacks from ransomware, malware, viruses and hackers. Defend your sensitive data against cybercriminals with PC Matic Pro Server Security.

What is Whitelist Server Security?

Whitelisting is a "zero-trust" server cybersecurity software - providing the most secure form of application control for on-premises systems as well as for cloud-managed servers.

Whitelist Server Security comprises the comprehensive IT safeguards and application control tools used to protect data and IT assets on an organization's servers. Unified Network Performance Monitoring provides a unified security view of your IT environment including hybrid and cloud networks to detect threats and performance issues in real time across all your applications.

Servers and networks are the most frequent targets of cyber attackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities in a system's security to disrupt operations, steal data, or to ransom critical company records. Don't become a victim of a ransomware attack. Harden your network or cloud servers with the best automated application allowlisting tools available in the USA. Contact a PC Matic cybersecurity professional to learn more about our server security tools and the best server ransomware protection.

PC Matic Whitelist Server Security