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Unlimited Technical Support for Your Home

Premium support for all of your devices.

Support from USA based certified technicians for:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Smart TVs
  • ...and more

24/7 | 365 Support

Access to Support Anytime You Need It

Phone & Remote

With Support Unlimited from PC Matic you can give us a call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help enable native Android features to block scammers from calling you. You call us and they won't call you.


Lets kick it old school, nothing beats the email. Fire an email off to us any time day or night about how to get the new version of iOS installed so you can get access to those sweet new emojis.


Not a fan of talking on the phone? Jump into a live chat session with our team to discuss any questions or issues you're having with that new laptop you got for your birthday.

The Best Deal in Technology Services

Support Unlimited

Per year

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Geek Squad

Per year

Office Depot

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Unlimited phone support
Unlimited chat support
Unlimited remote support
Unlimited email support
Help from PC Matic experts
Tech coaching & device education
Network troubleshooting
Windows, macOS, Android & iOS Support
Software installation
Data recovery services
100% USA based CompTIA certified technicians
24/7 x 365 support
Coverage Unlimited devices Unlimited devices 3 devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

PC Matic Support
Do I need this to get help with PC Matic?
No! As always PC Matic support is completely free with your PC Matic purchase (Support Unlimited does not include a license for PC Matic). You can always contact our 100% USA-based team via email for assitance installing or using PC Matic on your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. We're here to help you with everything PC Matic!
What can Support Unlimited help me with?
What can't they help you with? The Support Unlimited team is full of experts on everything from installing software to configuring your brand new laptop. We can help set up your printer, apply Windows updates, change your desktop wallpaper, fix your audio settings, and so much more that we don't have room to list.
Phone Support
How many times can I call per year?
As many as you need! That's what is great about Support Unlimited from PC Matic; you get unlimited phone, chat and email support for the entire year! Just bought a new computer and need help setting it up? Give us a call. Printer stopped working with your new computer later that day? Give us a call. Feeling lonely? Give us a call.
Where is your support team located?
We're 100% based in the USA. No language barriers or timezone constraints that will make it hard for you to get the support you need in a polite and efficient manner. Just give us a ring, day or night, rain or shine and we'll get you fixed up and on your way.
Get Premium Support
US-based support for all your devices with no language barriers.

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