Remote Tools

PC Matic's integrated VNC agent provides instant access to any device on your network. Closely monitor your network with real-time alerts and protect your enterprise from anywhere at any time.

Monitor Your Entire Network On Demand

Access Any Device From Anywhere

Integrated VNC agent enables remote access to any device on your account from anywhere with an internet connection

Execute Remote Commands

Remote command prompt enables script execution on any device without interrupting the device's active user

Receive Real-Time Alerts

Receive remote alerts from any device on your account in real-time, so you can keep your network protected on the go

How Do PC Matic's Remote Tools Work?

PC Matic's remote tools offer a secure and encrypted connection for remote device management and monitoring. With an integrated VNC agent, administrators can perform maintenance tasks and troubleshoot issues on any device in their account on the go. Real-time information and alerts are provided for potential threats, helping you proactively mitigate cyber threats. The remote tools are also customizable, offering tailored options to meet specific requirements for your organization.

Keep your organization secure with real-time alerts and instant remote access to every device on your account.

Why Use Remote Commands?

A remote command prompt is useful for an administrator to manage a remote computer or server without being physically present. It allows the administrator to execute various commands and scripts on the remote system, perform troubleshooting and diagnostics, and manage system configurations from a central location. Additionally, a remote command prompt can be used to perform security-related tasks like patching, vulnerability scanning, and malware removal, without risking their own systems being compromised.

Take action to protect your network as soon as you receive a threat alert.

Monitor Your Network On The Go

Keep an eye on your network no matter where you go. Our cloud-based platform provides you with the flexibility to access your cybersecurity tools from anywhere at any time, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what's important. With real-time alerts, you can stay informed about any suspicious activity on your network and take action to prevent cyber threats before they manifest into full-blown attacks.

Stay on top of potential threats from anywhere at any time.

Stop Responding to Threats.
Prevent Them.

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