Script Enforcement

PC Matic's Script Enforcement automatically prevents fileless malware by blocking malicious macros and scripts and controlling communication across applications.

Protect Your Enterprise Against Fileless Malware

Block Scripts & Macros

Patented Global Script Allowlist prevents malicious scripts and macros from executing, keeping your network safe from fileless malware

Prevent Cross-App Communication

Block applications from interacting with other software to prevent legitimate software from being exploited to deliver attack payloads

Limit File Access

Restrict which files different applications can access to close backdoor loopholes and keep the network protected

What is Script Enforcement?

PC Matic's Script Enforcement technology blocks malicious scripts and macros from executing, prevents communication between applications, and limits which files applications can access. Our patented Global Script Allowlist keeps your network safe from multi-stage cyberattacks that weaponize legitimate software. While individual applications like Microsoft Office and PowerShell may be safe individually, they can still be exploited when one calls the other.

Block malicious scripts, macros, and close cross-app communication vulnerabilities.

Why Use Script Enforcement?

Most modern cyberattacks utilize legitimate software as vehicles to deliver malware because signed applications can easily bypass Detect and Respond systems and get access to millions of devices in just seconds. PC Matic closes these backdoor loopholes by preventing legitimate applications from unknowingly executing malicious communications in the form of scripts and macros.

Shut down fileless malware and multi-stage cyberattacks that exploit legitimate software.

How Does Script Enforcement Work?

Script Enforcement allows legitimate applications to execute as needed while preventing other applications from executing them. For example, Microsoft Excel and PowerShell are both legitimate applications that are critical to business operations, and are rightfully included on the application allowlist. Script Enforcement policies would prevent Excel from executing macros, running scripts, and calling PowerShell. This allows your business operations to continue as usual without any risk of legitimate software being exploited in a cyberattack.

Control which applications and scripts can execute and exactly how they can be executed.

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