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Solving Ransomware

Only Application Whitelisting can stop Ransomware. There is still time!

In September 2013, the first ransomware hit American soil that encrypted critical files and demanded a ransom in cryptocurrency to restore the files. The ransom was $200.

Fast forward, and ransoms have ballooned to tens of millions of dollars, and ransomware infections have temporarily shut down critical infrastructure such as schools, cities, counties, police departments, hospitals, water supply, food supply, and even an oil pipeline.

Although recent events are alarming, I am still optimistic that ransomware infections can be contained and ultimately a footnote in the history of computing. Unlike human viruses like COVID, the ransomware computer virus evolves, propagates and infects at a slow rate, affording time for a proper response. However, if the right response is not found, and ransomware is not contained, permanent damage to the country's infrastructure and the American way of life are on the horizon.

About five years ago, the cybersecurity industry in response to the escalating ransomware threat, made a wrong turn. Rather than prevent ransomware, the nation's cyber generals decided to strictly react to each ransomware attack. The current cyber strategy is analogous to forgoing smoke alarms, building inspections and Smokey the Bear, and building lots of fire department while the nation burns.

A balance of prevention and reaction reduces the attack surface and minimizes the frequency and cost of cyber reaction. The silver bullet that prevents ransomware is called application whitelisting (AWL). In 2015, the National Institute of Standards and Technology confirmed that AWL is the correct preventative layer against modern threats.

"NIST advises organizations to use modern whitelisting programs (prevention), also known as application control programs, to stop cyber threats."

We like to think that PC Matic makes the best AWL product, but that's up for you to decide. There are many AWL alternatives from a variety of vendors. AWL is positive action against the ransomware menace. Apathy and the doing nothing are our only threats. Every computer and endpoint in the nation must have some form of AWL and we have a few year window to get her done.

America is the greatest country on earth with the most important and influential universities in the world, and hence some of the smartest people on the planet. American companies drove the innovations that have transformed humanity creating vast wealth for our country. On top of that, America has the most dominant military of all time. Somehow, I got to believe that we got this.

CEO, Founder of PC Matic
Rob Cheng CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to create software that protects devices and their information from malware used by the cyber-mafia to infiltrate and monetize worldwide. The goal for our software is zero customer infections and breaches.

We will aggressively market our products to reduce global infection rates and put a dent in the cyber-mafia economy. Retaining affordability and ease of use for any home, business or government regardless of technical capabilities or budget is crucial.

We believe that through worldwide market penetration and zero infection rates, one day the cyber-mafia will be insolvent.

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