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Our Mission

Our mission is to create software that protects devices and their information from malware used by the cyber-mafia to infiltrate and monetize worldwide. The goal for our software is zero customer infections and breaches.

We will aggressively market our products to reduce global infection rates and put a dent in the cyber-mafia economy. Retaining affordability and ease of use for any home, business or government regardless of technical capabilities or budget is crucial.

We believe that through worldwide market penetration and zero infection rates, one day the cyber-mafia will be insolvent.

Rob Cheng CEO & Founder

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Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team is available 7 days a week to effectively assist our home customers.

Business Support

Premier support is available for our business, government, enterprise, and education customers 7 days a week.

Media Relations

Media members should contact our Public Relations team for inquiries related to news stories or official comments.

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Live your best life at PC Matic. Our employees work 100% remote from the comfort of their homes with flexible hours and a comprehensive benefit package.

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Secure Your Family’s Devices

Hundreds of thousands of families around the world trust PC Matic to protect their home devices.

Business & Government Security

PC Matic Pro provides security and device management for public and private organizations of any size.