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PC Matic MSP is a powerful cloud-based remote management & monitoring tool that allows Managed Service Providers to easily provide their customers with innovative technology that automates endpoint performance optimization tasks and delivers award winning security protection. We provide Managed Service Providers with a comprehensive IT platform that delivers higher service quality to be able to drive revenue growth and increase profitability. Our award winning anti-virus engine and unique white list real time security provides superior protection and prevents ransomware attacks.

Quick Road to Revenue

Minimal time required to deploy, setup, mangage & update - which means increased revenue for you without the hassle.

Comprehensive Reporting

Makes demonstrating the value of your ongoing services - easy. Create in-depth reports with just a few simple clicks in a matter of seconds.

Increased Efficiencies

Automated maintenance and fully customizable scheduling leads to more efficient use of your time and increased productivity for your staff.

Extend Asset Life

The lifespan of a poorly maintained PC might be limited to only a few years. Extend that for your clients with automated maintenance.


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Mar 26-28 2017

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Jun 19-21 2017

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  • “I do contract work for (a) radio station and installed several systems there including Supershield. They were getting stuttering of audio on their main on air playback once in a while (which was at this station on the internet). I ran PC Matic which immediately cleared up the problem after finding numerous problems and registry errors. The system started performing like it should and the owner thought I was a genius. Really nothing more than installing PC Matic and letting it run its scan and fixes. ”

    Hal K
    PC Matic MSP User
  • “We have fifteen seats now and our stations have never worked so trouble free. We really appreciate your product, it delivers on everything you promised and more. I'm sure it has saved me thousands in down time.”

    John N.
    General Manager Cliff Hixfe Engineering
  • “I did a demo of your product on a number of different systems at work– some known to be full of junk. Did a great job on them, so I proceeded to more system – those owned by employees but used a bit for and at work. Then added a few laptops of family members having issues to further evaluate the product. Was very happy with all results. I also tested your tech support numerous times and was pleased. I have been a network admin for 20 years with lots of experience dealing with desktop problems.”

    Leonard W.
    PC Matic MSP User