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PC Matic Open Positions

Job Description
Min Travel Required
Channel Sales
We are growing fast and we want to grow faster. One day the highest ranking people in the company will be in sales. Will it be you? Channel or AV sales experience preferred. Living near an airport is a must.
10 weeks / year
Customer Support
PC Matic has high customer satisfaction due to people like you. We will train you. Some technical support experience preferred
2 weeks / year
Upkeep, maintenance and performance of our big data servers to outpace our growth. AWS, Cloudformation templates, Powershell, Ansible, Terraform, Git/Github/Gitlabs, Continuous integration, Continuous deployment, Elastic stack
2 weeks / year
Malware Researchers
Only PC Matic does its malware research in the US. Categorize samples within 24 hours of hitting the queue. We train.
2 weeks / year
Software Developers
Working at home is great for software development. Our developers are productive at pumping out high quality code. We are looking for full stack engineers.
2 weeks / year
Technical Support
We are building our onboarding team to guarantee successful installation for our new business and enterprise customers.
2 weeks / year

Life at PC Matic

All of our colleagues work from the comfort of their own homes and are all experts in their career fields.
All PC Matic employees work from home

Work from Home

All of our employees work 100% remote from the comfort of their own homes. Working from home has some great perks such as: the time saved traveling to and from the office, a richer personal life, flexibility to run some errands when needed and money savings for vehicle maintenance and fuel.

Comparably 2018 Best Company for Professional Development, Leadership and Managers

PC Matic Culture

PC Matic is continuously recognized for its culture, managers and as a fast growing company.

Interested in joining the PC Matic family? We want to hear from you. Even if you don’t see an opening above that you are interested in, hit apply and send us your resume and cover letter.

PC Matic Company Meetings

Company Meetings

We meet twice a year for company meetings. Each meeting lasts 4 days with total travel per year of 8 days and is mandatory.

PC Matic Benefits

PC Matic offers great employee benefits on top of working from the comfort of your own home:
  • Company-paid internet
  • Company-paid phone
  • Company-paid prescription copays
  • 100% Company-paid health insurance that is one of the best packages available
  • Company-wide stock option plan
  • Annual bonus for all full-time employees
  • And more!