Device Control

Close network vulnerabilities by restricting access to storage devices and locking down RDP ports. Monitor your network on the go with real-time alerts and access logs.

Defend Your Network's Access Points

Restrict Storage Devices

Restrict access to external storage devices and folders to keep your devices and network safe against malware transfer

Control RDP Port Access

Lock down Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ports and monitor attempted access requests across your entire network

Monitor Devices in Real-Time

Monitor every device and receive policy-based alerts in real-time so you always know what's happening on your network

What is Device Control?

PC Matic's Device Control is a set of policies that restricts access points to devices that are frequently exploited as channels for cyberattacks. By default, PC Matic blocks access to external storage devices and RDP ports on all devices, keeping your network protected against external attacks unknowingly brought in. Implement policies by device, user, group, department or account to ensure all users can access what's needed.

Get full control over your network's access points with storage control and RDP port control.

Why Restrict Storage Device Access?

Malicious external storage devices are one of the most critical cyberthreats faced by companies today. Unlike traditional attack methods that require bypassing cybersecurity stacks, external storage devices can deploy malware by simply plugging an infected device into a computer. From there, that malware can be spread across the entire network before it's ever even able to be detected by antivirus or EDR software. Prevention is the only way to prevent the malware from being deployed to the connected device.

Lock down your enterprise by closing commonly exploited access points.

Why Restrict RDP Port Access?

RPD is a common attack vector for threat actors because it's easy to target and frequently left open and unprotected. The default RDP port, port 3389, is often scanned by cybercriminals seeking vulnerable businesses. Disabling RDP is the only sure-fire way to prevent your network from being back-doored via RDP. By restricting RDP port access, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks and protect sensitive information from being stolen or compromised.

Protect a common vector for cyberattacks that is often left vulnerable.

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