Comprehensive Antivirus Security for your Devices

Complete protection for your computer and smartphone against malware and ransomware.

Protect your devices from modern security threats

  • Complete and comprehensive security
  • Up to 15 devices
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • SuperShield real-time protection
  • Scheduled device scans
  • Automated PC maintenance
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Windows 7+ macOS 10.12+ iOS 13+ Android 4.4+

Don't Just React to Threats. Prevent Them.

PC Matic protects you from a wide variety of malware by using advanced technologies and unique approaches to keep you safe and secure


Ransomware and cyber security have an inverse relationship. PC Matic prevents ransomware by blocking it before it can begin to execute using our default-deny protection. With cyber criminals creating new malware every day, waiting for a "bad" classification is not feasible. By blocking all unknown applications PC Matic can protect you against the newest and most targeted ransomware.

Fake Virus Scams

PC Matic uses a allowlist based protection to defeat the fake virus scam. These websites always popup a phone number, and PC Matic blocks any website that shows a phone number inside a pop-up window unless it's a allowlisted phone number from a legitimate company. While the page is blocked the user is redirected to a safe webpage with information about the scam.

Trojans, Viruses & Worms

PC Matic prevents all three types of attacks by utilizing our global allowlist and a default-deny approach. Before a virus or worm can execute and begin replicating, PC Matic sees it as an unknown and blocks the attempt. Trojans are also blocked as unknown before execution because we have never seen that file; even if they attempt to masquerade under legitimate names like Microsoft.

Automated PC Maintenance

Optimize Your PC

Automated PC maintenance occurs every time a scan runs on your Windows PC or laptop to keep it working like new and free from software vulnerabilities.

Free Up Space

Remove junk files, unneeded apps and more to free up space on your PC.

Stay Up to Date

Automatically update drivers and software to fix vulnerabilities.

Improve PC Speed

Remove unnecessary startup apps and disable non-critical services to boost performance.

Browse Faster

Optimize broadband connections and accelerate your downloads for faster browsing.

  • Update software automatically
  • Remove unnecessary startup apps
  • Deactivate unnecessary Windows tasks
  • Update drivers
  • Clean registry
  • Remove junk files
  • Fix software vulnerabilities

Award-Winning Protection

Made in America

We take great pride in the fact that all of the research, development and support for PC Matic is done right here in the United States. All of our competitors outsource some piece of their product; research, development, support or all three. We believe by keeping all pieces of the product in the United States, there is an increase in the reliability of the security product.

AV-TEST Best Advanced Protection
AV-TEST Best Performance
AV-TEST Certified Advanced Protection Against Ransomware
Award-Winning Security for Your Whole Family
Say goodbye to malware, invasive website ads and security that slows down your devices

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