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Cyber Threat Prevention

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In June 2016, our CEO, Rob Cheng, sat down with CSO Magazine to discuss cyber security and he nails it. Rob predicts the rise of ransomware, the lack of focus on prevention, the recent attacks on hospitals and the importance of whitelisting.

Application Whitelisting is Preventative

PC Matic Pro's application whitelisting is a critical additional layer of security
that resides on top of your existing endpoint security.
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Benefits of Application Whitelisting

PC Matic Pro’s focus on real-time detection through the use of a globally automated
application whitelist provides substantial benefits to users.

No Victims

Unlike traditional security solutions, customer infections aren’t required to strengthen the whitelist architecture


Local overrides can be added after prevention with a focus on accuracy and without concern for responding to an already active infection


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released standards that require application whitelisting for compliance


Application whitelist updates are fast and protection levels don’t suffer without them; allowing for frequent offline use with peak security


The whitelist is lightweight and PC Matic has consistently won awards for AV performance against our competition


Adding local overrides to supplement the global whitelist requires significantly fewer IT resources than responding to constant detect and respond alerts

Multi-Layer Threat Prevention

PC Matic Pro employs several whitelist layers on top of the same traditional security blacklist
that our competition uses as the first line of defense against malicious code and unauthorized applications.

Global Whitelist

Our Global Whitelist is a master list of good applications that each endpoint can check via local definitions or the cloud.

Local Whitelist

Custom and low-frequency applications can be added locally by customers to augment the global whitelist.

Signature Whitelist

Good signed applications are added via the publisher’s signature eliminating the need for whitelisting hashes for past and future applications.

Malicious Script Whitelist

Ransomware can be deployed via valid scripting applications which necessitated the creation of a scripting whitelist, the only one of its kind.

RDP Authentication Whitelist

Ransomware can be deployed through breached RDP ports. PC Matic Pro authenticates the entering device to close this hole.

Device Authentication Whitelist

PC Matic Pro employs a proprietary device uniqueness algorithm to authenticate a device rather than a mobile phone as the second factor in MFA.

Microsoft Office Whitelist

Ransomware can be launched via macros in Office. PC Matic Pro includes a whitelist of valid applications that can be launched through Office.

File Extension Whitelist

Ransomware can be executed through compromised file extensions. PC Matic Pro has a whitelist of valid file extensions.

Local Directory Whitelist

Customers can whitelist a directory as a last resort, making it easier to write, test, and deploy custom code in their environment.

Conflict-Free Whitelisting

PC Matic Pro is designed at its core to run alongside other security layers without conflicts. Adding application whitelisting into any existing security stack without compromising other layers or overall security has never been simpler. Experts recommend deploying a security stack with a layered approach to protect resources and data while using application whitelisting as the fail-safe layer. When other layers fail, PC Matic Pro blocks malware from running on the workstation because it is not a known good application.

Application Whitelisting is a
Cybersecurity Best Practice

"Application Whitelisting should be an integral component of a defense-in-depth solution."

Department of Homeland Security

"Application whitelisting is surely one of the reliable solutions available today..."

Colin McHugo, Director at Quantum Forensic Investigations

"Utilize application "whitelisting," which allows only specific programs to run on your computer. This will prevent malicious programs from running on your computer."

USA Today

"Application whitelisting is one of the best security strategies as it allows only specified programs to run, while blocking all others, including malicious software."

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PC Matic Pro is a set of revolutionary technologies that are empowering customers and businesses to secure and remotely manage their devices. Solutions that are secure, fast, and simple to use.


More than 3 million satisfied customers have used PC Matic products


PC Matic has scanned and protected over 100 million applications and devices


Over 100k business endpoints have used PC Matic Pro to secure their IT infrastructure

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