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Real-Time Whitelisting

Whitelist technology blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints safer and more reliable.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Beyond security, take full control over your devices remotely with integrated VNC, CMD Prompt, and Reboot actions.

Malicious Scripting

Fileless Malware Prevention

Using advanced heuristics, SuperShield prevents script-based attacks from leveraging known good windows scripting hosts.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Patch vulnerabilities, update drivers, and keep endpoints running at peak performance to prevent a loss in efficiency.

Cloud Based Console

Admins can access and control workstations from a single pane of glass that's secured by device authentication.


Early Launch Anti-Malware

ELAM puts PC Matic Pro first in the boot sequence, allowing control of subsequent boot drivers, stopping unknown drivers from running.

Eliminate RDP Security Threats with RDP Lifeline

Attackers know Remote Desktop Protocol ports are often left open by default and lack proper management. PC Matic’s RDP Lifeline introduces innovative whitelist-based RDP security, realtime alerting, expansive audit logs, and remote RDP control all from a simple cloud-based UI.

RDP Manager

RDP Manager

RDP Lifeline features an easy-to-use RDP Manager within the portal to help scan the network for open RDP ports. The IT admin then has the ability to not only review which ports are left open but has access to disable them from the portal as well.

RDP Whitelist Security

Whitelist Security

RDP Lifeline secures all devices on your network by enforcing a default-deny approach on each RDP session. You control a whitelist of devices that are allowed to initiate a connection to a device on your network while all other attempts are blocked.

Realtime Alerts

Realtime Alerts

Out at your local coffee shop to grab a quick pick me up? No need to worry, RDP Lifeline sends realtime alerts to SMS or Email with quick links to kill an active session, whitelist a new device, disable RDP, or shutdown that device until you return to the office.

Expansive Reporting

Expansive Reporting

Retain detailed logging on attempted and successful RDP sessions in your environment. Track frequency of sessions, what location and device they initiated from, duration, and IP Address to help maintain compliance in your network.

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