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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and running at peak performance.

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Real-Time Whitelisting

Whitelist technology blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints safer and more reliable.

Performance Optimization

Keep your endpoints running at peak performance, and increase employee productivity and efficiency with less downtime.

Superior Security

Our enhanced security program protects your business from all modern cyber threats, including ransomware.

Cloud Based Console

Increasing efficiency and flexibility for IT Administrators, by allowing remote administration for user management and maintenance.

Multi-Device Functionality

Designed with mobility and convenience in mind, IT Administrators are able to access the software through various devices.

Powerful Automation

We do the work for you with our automated maintenance of your endpoints, for continual maintenance and protection.

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Meeting the Cyber Security Challenge

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Strong security needs flexible software tools


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Organizations Trust PC Matic PRO with their Security

PC Matic PRO is a set of revolutionary technologies that is empowering customers and businesses to secure and optimize the performance of their devices.

Solutions that are secure, fast, and simple to use.


More than 3 million satisfied customers have used PC Matic PRO products and are now worry-free


PC Matic PRO Cloud Platform has scanned and protected over 100 million applications and PC’s

100,000+ Biz's

More than 100k business endpoints have used PC Matic PRO to secure & optimize their IT infrastructure

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PC Matic Pro Testimonials

Houston County Schools Case Study Video

Clean and Simple UI

Unlike other user interface options you may see by alternative security software solutions, PC Matic PRO prides itself in its clean model design. The interface is incredibly user friendly with its simplified navigational tools, responsive design, and smart search functionality.

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PC Matic PRO Industry Recognition

Inc. 5000 Fastset Growing Company 2016
ICSA Certified
AMTSO Member

Let Us Show You How We Prevent Cyber Attacks

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Learn how you can prevent, detect, and respond to modern cyber attacks with PC Matic PRO.


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See why thousands of IT professionals trust PC Matic PRO with their endpoint security.

Case Studies

See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and efficient.