Ransomware Attacks in IA

Attack Date Entity Location Entity Type Ransom Paid Amount Paid FOIA Req AV Before AV After
2019-03 Grinnell College in Iowa Grinnell, Iowa Education Unknown $ N/A
2019-01 Southern Hills Eye Care Sioux City, Iowa Medical Unknown $ N/A
2018-10 City of Muscatine Muscatine, Iowa Municipality Unknown $ Yes Malwarebytes Malwarebytes
2018-08 Jones Eye Clinic Sioux City, Iowa Medical Unknown $ N/A
2017-06 Waverly Medical Center Waverly, Iowa Medical No $ N/A
2016-08 Spencer Chamber of Commerce Spencer, Iowa Municipality No $ Yes Webroot Webroot
2016-07 Woodbury County Sioux City, Iowa Municipality No $ Sophos Sophos
2016-02 St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Sioux City, Iowa Other No $ N/A

Prevent Ransomware Attacks in IA

Can ransomware attacks be stopped? Yes. Read more about the best ways to prevent hacking.

One of the best ways to stop a ransomware cyber attack or hacker intrusion is to have zero-trust
application whitelisting combined with a comprehensive endpoint security software solution.

Anti-Ransomware security solutions are installed on your endpoint devices including phones, tablets, laptops, workstations, servers and network systems.
Application control tools using a whitelist will block any malware or viruses from infecting your devices or information systems effectively keeping cybercriminals out.

Learn more about PC Matic Professional Business Security solutions at Endpoint Security to Prevent Ransomware or contact a PC Matic Cybersecurity Specialist.

How can I stop ransomware attacks?

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