PC Matic PRO for Healthcare: Our Cybersecurity Solutions provide healthcare institutions and hospitals with protection from ransomware attacks, malware, and advanced cyber threats. PC Matic Pro is an effective solution for HIPPA and HITECH data security compliance protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive patient information, ePHI, IT networks and IoT devices.

"The PC Matic platform, as reviewed by Coalfire Systems, can be effective in providing support for the outlined objectives and requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule in support of a HIPAA compliance program. The PC Matic platform provides proactive detection through the use of automated application allowlisting."

Healthcare Cybersecurity and HIPPA Security Compliance

Keeping Your HIPPA Data, ePHI & Network Secure is at the Core of What We Do

PC Matic Healthcare Security Software prevents malware attacks and cyber-intrusions. Other security products only treat the symptoms of malware and unauthorized system access. We are the revolution in Ransomware Protection - to make hospitals and healthcare facilities secure again and to keep them secure against future cyber-attacks. Contact us for more info.

  • Award-Winning
  • Whitelist Technology
  • NEXT-Generation Remediation
  • Remote Administration
  • Proactive Protection
  • Cloud Based Console
  • Virtual Machine Security
  • HIPPA & HITECH Compliant

Healthcare facilities and hospitals spend millions on security, yet few of them are secure. Ransomware, polymorphic viruses, fileless infections, and malware cyber-attacks are a growing threat to healthcare IT departments. No security software has been able to thwart all of these attacks, until now. PC Matic Pro Healthcare CyberSecurity with application allowlisting blocks malicious programs like ransomware as they arrive preventing unauthorized applications from executing in the first place.

Superior HIPPA and Health Data Security
Using Zero-Trust Application Allowlisting

PC Matic PRO has a new approach to securing sensitive patient data and hospital records including ePHI with our exclusive automated Whitelisting Technology tools. Whether you are a hospital, medical facility or healthcare government office, our security software is an effective solution for network and device threat protection.

Only ‘trusted’ applications run on your organization's endpoints and IoT devices with a Closed Loop Security approach effectively eliminating cyber-threats. If an executable is not on the Whitelist, PC Matic PRO blocks it and uploads the program or file for immediate analysis by our cybersecurity team.

With a properly implemented security strategy, never will your HIPPA, HITECH ePHI or hospital data be compromised. With healthcare data breaches, cybercrime and ransomware attacks on the rise, using our hardened endpoint and network protection designed for hospitals and healthcare IT networks will give you peace of mind.

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Healthcare Cyber Security
Easy-to-Manage and Scale

HIPPA Data Security Compliance made easy. Setup and manage thousands of devices including IoT centrally from a single place and quickly configure functionality to deliver the right security to the right people. PC Matic PRO utilizes real time application allowlisting, user device authentication, secure RDP, remote network management and monitoring, integrated Virtual Network Computing (VNC), simple zero-touch deployment, and automated patch update management.

A comprehensive cyber-security plan uses application allowlisting solutions layered on endpoint protection protocols such as (EDR) endpoint detection and response software, machine learning, automated blacklisting and advanced antivirus applications.

Zero Touch Depoyment for Healthcare Networks


Authorize management console access to specific devices.

Device Authentication including Healthcare IoT devies.


Pre-configure settings, simple deployment and installation.

Cloud Based Business Security


Healthcare IT Administrators can manage their users from any device or platform.

HIPPA Data Security Metrics View


Quickly view key metrics such as CPU load, storage and bandwidth usage.

A Complete Healthcare Threat Intelligence Solution

Prevent Cyber Attacks. Our premium healthcare cybersecurity solution protects patient data and reduces security risks throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem. As a cybersecurity software provider, the PC Matic Health Security Team works alongside healthcare organizations to build customized programs designed to work as a layer on top of any existing data and network security IT investments. Read more about our HIPPA Compliance Partnerships.

Application Allowlisting Solutions for Healthcare

Our Advanced Whitelisting Solution for Healthcare IT is HIPPA & HITECH compliant and completely blocks malicious applications from running unless you whitelist list them including ransomware, spyware, fileless infections, polymorphous viruses and ATPs (Targeted Persistent Threats). Your networks and healthcare data are secure from hackers providing your IT professional with secure RDP, server and endpoint security protection, real time, automated application allowlisting, user device authentication, remote network management and monitoring, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), high-strength AES encryption, easy zero-touch deployment, and automated patch management.

Complete Cyberdefense for Healthcare Infrastructure

Our complete cyber defense utilizes application allowlisting products layered on network security and endpoint protection tools like (EDR) endpoint detection and response software, machine learning and next-gen antivirus applications. Increased Cyberattacks on Healthcare Institutions and infrastructure demonstrate the need for greater cybersecurity. We can help you safeguard patient privacy and ensure HIPPA compliance.

Hackers & Cybercriminals Target Healthcare Systems

While hospitals, doctors and nurses were busy treating patients during the pandemic, hackers and cybercriminals took advantage and increased their cyber attacks. As healthcare facility data networks and remote facilities grew in size and complexity, hackers, ransomware groups, and scammers accelerated their efforts to ransom hospital IT networks and obtain sensitive patient health data.

What is ePHI Security and the HIPPA Rule?

The HIPAA Security Rule specifically focuses on the safeguarding of electronic protected health information (ePHI) through the implementation of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

HIPAA rules cover patient data privacy, security, and breach notification. Under HIPAA, any record, data or personal information that can be used to identify a patient is considered Protected Health Information (PHI). PHI in digital form such as a medical report — is "electronic PHI", or ePHI.

Although HIPAA has the same confidentiality requirements PHI in all forms, ePHI can be more readily copied and transmitted - and therefore requires additional safeguards to prevent data breaches. This is where threat intelligence solutions that are part of a comprehensive cyber incident prevention plan become essential for healthcare providers.

What is the best way to protect ePHI?

The HIPAA Security Rule governs how PHI is protected. Its technical safeguards are a blueprint for protecting HIPAA ePHI through access control. IT security best practices include:

  • Unique accounts for each user.
  • Strong passwords (ideally 13 characters long).
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Access Control providing each user only the minimum permissions required to do their job.
  • TLS-secured connection to access records in the cloud or to send and receive email.

Application Control for Healthcare Systems

Application Control, automated whitelisting capabilities, and simple integrated Zero-Touch deployment features give you granular control of all your confidential data and records, including ePHI. Our Healthcare Cybersecurity Software protects all endpoints and servers, as well as any IoT devices against malware, exploits, data theft and ransom.

Contact a Healthcare Security Professional at PC Matic and discover how our cybersecurity products can help with HIPPA/HITECH compliance and securing your sensitive healthcare data.

PC Matic Healthcare Cybersecurity Features

  • IoT Device and Mobile App Security.
  • Application & User Control over sensitive ePHI.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment across multiple locations
  • Effective HIPPA and HITECH ePHI compliance.

Why are Hackers Targeting Hospitals

Cybercriminals are targeting hospitals and healthcare systems because the financial incentives are great. Once hackers penetrate a healthcare network, they go after the sensitive personal information, which they can many times sell for up to a hundred dollars or more per record on the dark web. Ransomware gangs can extort millions of dollars from hospitals and other medical facilities.

The opportunity in healthcare cybercrime is massive. There are over six thousand hospitals and over 1,500 clinics in the US. The digitization of medical records by providers has made it relatively easy for cybercriminals to expand their attack surface across healthcare providers. With vulnerable legacy IT systems in place, the healthcare sector is dangerously exposed to cyber-attacks.

Finally, electronic medical records (EMRs), ePHI, and the use of networked IoT devices for critical care and operations makes a ransom payout from a hospital or clinic more likely than other ransomware attack victims. The best way to prevent hospital ransomware attacks is to utilize Application Allowlisting as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

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