Complete Ransomware Protection for your business. PC Matic understands the importance of business security and protecting your digital assets from cybercriminals. It is also key to make cybersecurity effective but simple. PC Matic’s Ransomware Protection Lifeline offers a layered approach, working seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions to protect data and systems. Our Zero-Trust Application Whitelisting solution prevents ransomware cyber attacks and data breaches.

Ransomware Protection for Desktop PC

Simple & Strong Infrastructure Security

Ransomware Lifeline for Business provides a default-deny whitelist protection that improves the resilience of cybersecurity infrastructures around the country.

  • Whitelist Layer
  • Ransomware Attack Protection
  • Endpoint Detect and Response Tools
  • Expansive Network Reporting


Ransomware Prevention for Business

Whitelist Security

A default-deny approach against unknown malware and ransomware on the network, created from an innovative whitelist developed to remove the burden of traditional whitelisting from IT staff.

Ransomware Protection

EDR Tools

Respond to activity networkwide from anywhere in the world. Promptly access a user's machine to locally run scripts, browse and upload file directories, remotely shut down or reboot in bulk, and more.

Ransomware Attack Protection

Expansive Reporting

Retain detailed logs of activity within an environment; including executions and blocked files, time and location of executions and blocks, and target specific files for quarantine, to name a few.

While facing today’s cyber threats, over 80% of organizations choose a layered approach to protect their cybersecurity infrastructure. When used in conjunction with existing cyber security programs, Ransomware Attack Protection becomes the final line of defense, making the worry of ransomware a thing of the past.

Whitelisting Made Easy

Ransomware Protection Lifeline uses breakthrough technology, removing the immense amount of manual work that comes with a traditional whitelist solution. The automated, global whitelist used within Ransomware Lifeline is managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze blocked unknown applications and categorize them globally. Don’t want to wait for categorization? Locally override with two clicks of the mouse.

24 Hour Professional Categorization, Removing IT Burden

Globally Automated Whitelist with Millions of Known Good Files

Simple Two-Click Cloud Override

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