With PC Matic Pro System Performance users can work faster and more securely with powerful endpoint automation, optimization, end-to-end IT system visibility, and proactive threat detection all from within a unified performance management platform.

PC Matic PRO Performance

Automate Everything - Unified Security Software for Complete Network Security

Endpoint Management, Alerts, Analytics, Testing & Maintenance

Deploy schedule-based automation with proactive remediation, to increase productivity and allow you to do more with your existing staff.

  • Easily Deploy, Install, and Manage Endpoint Performance
  • Active Directory Support Permissions & Access Control
  • Remote Administration and Management of Endpoints
  • Comprehensive Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting System
  • Robust Scheduling Tools Systematic Maintenance
  • Customizable Group or Organization Scheduling
  • Endpoint Bandwidth and Speed Test Reporting and Analytics
  • Automated Driver Updates, Security Patches, and Authentication
  • And much more...

Fast on the Desk, Fast on the Go

Proactive System Performance Tools for Application and Endpoint Security & Stability

Proactive issue detection. Computers must be properly maintained to achieve peak performance and stability. Absent of maintenance, endpoints become sluggish and unstable impacting employee productivity and morale. Frequently, the computers are replaced prematurely increasing transition costs and reducing asset values. PC Matic PRO Performance automates endpoint maintenance with the ability to maintain and securely manage those devices remotely.

  • Automated Hard Disk Defragmentation
  • Fixes Registry Errors
  • Removes Junk Files
  • Benchmark Suite
  • Optimizes Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Deactivates Unnecessary Windows Tasks
  • Removes Unnecessary Startup Applications
  • And much moreā€¦.

Automated Endpoint Maintenance

PC Matic PRO Performance has automated the process of complete computer maintenance. IT adminstrators can schedule a recurring maintenance job, and a simple report affirms that the computer continues to run at peak performance. Once it is set, the endpoint will be under recurring maintenance. The intent of UPM is to provide end-to-end-visibility, analysis and feedback to detect issues before they can harm performance, and with automated endpoint maintenance, issues can be resolved before they become critical.

Automated Network Maintenance Scheduling


Automated Patch Update Management


IT System Maintenance using UPM


Comprehensive Systems Visibility

PC Matic Pro Performance Management Tools help IT professionals gain unified and comprehensive visibility into network and application issues to quickly solve application and network problems. No longer does an enterprise need to maintain separate APM and NPM services. Security software performance tools are part of PC Matic Professional Software Solutions including Business Security, Endpoint Security, and Server Security products.

Complete File & Application Visibility. PC Matic UPM allows IT administrators to monitor, verify and record all file executions, as well as authenticate all endpoint devices on their network. This significantly increases the ability of cybersecurity staff to detect and respond to malicious activity to prevent ransomware or other cyber-attacks.

PC Matic Unified Performance Tools are part of our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) security solutions to help defend against sophisticated malware and cyberattacks that target sensitive company data. Learn more about our security product features, threat intelligence contributions, and anti-malware research.

XDR - Extended Detection and Response. Unified performance tools work with Application Allowlisting Tools to enable extended security threat detection and incident response. This is accomplished by fully integrating diverse security software products into a comprehensive IT security system across platforms. XDR reinforces EDR by delivering real-time, unified system threat information needed to better deal with sensitive data breaches, ransomware and advanced cyber-attacks. XDR extends typical EDR by providing threat intelligence across all endpoints, mobile and IoT devices, cloud computing, email, routers, servers, and complex hybrid environments.

Explore our award-winning, Security Software Solutions for Business & Enterprise with Zero Trust Application Allowlisting Technology to prevent malware, ransomware and advanced cyber threats - PC Matic PRO, PC Matic Endpoint Security, PC Matic Server Security Solutions.

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