RDP Lifeline offers an innovative approach to remote access management and control, successfully securing Remote Desktop Protocol ports; closing a door frequently left open to ransomware and cyber attacks. Prevent hacking, threat actors and cybercriminal intrusion attempts during remote desktop connections with PC Matic's Secure RDP Software.

Secure RDP Lifeline Port Protection on a notebook

Making RDP Management Simple

  • Secure RDP Management Tools
  • Remote Access Authentication
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real-Time Alerting

Exclusively Researched, Developed and Supported in the USA

Secure RDP Features

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RDP Management Tools

RDP Lifeline features an easy-to-use management tool that scans the network for open RDP ports, enables the ability to close ports with a single click, as well as scheduled open port access.

How to protect Remote Desktop Ports from Ransomware?

Comprehensive Reporting

Track attempted and successful RDP sessions, frequency of sessions, what location and device the session initiated from, duration, and IP address to help maintain network compliance.

Secure RDP Ports from Cyber Attack

Whitelist Security

RDP Lifeline eliminates the risk of RDP access through stolen credentials with the use of a device whitelist. Only devices on the whitelist are allowed to initiate a connection to the network while all others are blocked.

RDP Port Control Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Away from the office, but still need to manage access? RDP Lifeline sends real-time text and/or email alerts with links to disable an active session, whitelist a new device, disable RDP, or shutdown a particular device while on the go.

Awards & Recognition

We want to provide you assurances about the steps we take to secure and protect your organization’s data. We also work closely with independent auditors to review our data protection practices to provide you transparency into our world-class security processes and policies. In connection with these reviews, we have strong associations with Microsoft Virus Initiative, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization.

As PC Matic continues to gain industry acclaim for ongoing cybersecurity product innovations, check out our awards from Cyber Defense, CRN, Astors, Info Security, AV-Test Antivirus Best Performance, Best IT Anti-Malware Solution, Network Products Guide, and more. PC Matic has also been selected as a partner for NIST's Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) project among the top cybersecurity firms in the industry. Read more about PC Matic NIST Partnership at Zero Trust Architecture Project.

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