Ransomware Attacks in CA

Attack Date Entity Location Entity Type Ransom Paid Amount Paid FOIA Req AV Before AV After
2021-05 Scripps Health Care San Diego, CA Medical Unknown $
2021-01 Granite Wellness Centers Grass Valley, CA Medical Unknown $
2020-10 City of Shafter Shafter, California Municipality Unknown $
2020-09 Newhall School District Santa Clarita, California Education Unknown $
2020-08 Selma School District Selma, California Education Unknown $
2020-08 Imperial Valley College Imperial Valley, California Education Unknown $
2020-06 University of California, San Francisco San Francisco, California Education Unknown $
2020-05 Francis Parker Schools San Diego, California Education Unknown $
2020-03 City of Torrance Torrance, California Municipality Unknown $ Symantec
2020-01 Mountain View Los Altos Union High School Mountain View, California Education Unknown $
2020-01 Contra Costa County Library Clayton, California Municipality Unknown $ SentinelOne SentinelOne
2019-12 Enloe Medical Center Chico, California Medical Unknown $
2019-12 Pittsburg High School Pittsburg, California Education Unknown $
2019-12 City of Seal Beach Seal Beach, California Municipality Unknown $
2019-12 Town of Galt Galt, California Municipality Unknown $
2019-10 San Bernardino City Unified School District San Bernardino, California Education $ Sophos Sophos
2019-09 Wood Ranch Medical Simi Valley, California Medical No $
2019-06 Marin Community Clinics Novato, California Medical Yes $ N/A
2019-04 City of Lodi City Lodi City, California Municipality No $ Kaspersky, Symantec
2019-04 Imperial County El Centro, California Municipality Unknown $ Yes Sophos Sophos
2019-04 Shingle Springs Health and Wellness Center Placerville, California Medical Unknown $ N/A
2018-12 Podiatric Offices of Bobby Yee Salinas, California Medical Unknown $ N/A
2018-09 Port of San Diego San Diego, California Municipality Unknown $ Yes Comodo Palo Alto
2018-09 Redwood Eye Care Vallejo, California Medical Unknown $ N/A
2018-07 Port of Long Beach Long Beach, California Other Unknown $ N/A Palo Alto Palo Alto
2018-02 Center for Orthopedic Specialists West Hills, California Medical Unknown $ N/A
2018-01 Sacramento Bee Sacramento, California Other No $ N/A
2017-12 Stanislaus County Modesto, California Municipality Unknown $ Yes
2017-11 Sacramento Regional Transit Sacramento, California Municipality No $ Yes Symantec Carbon Black
2017-11 Golden Optometrics West Covina, California Medical No $ N/A
2017-09 San Ysidro School District San Ysidro, California Education No $ Yes
2017-06 Pacific Alliance Medical Center Los Angeles, California Medical Unknown $ N/A
2017-06 KQED San Francisco San Francisco, California Other Unknown $ N/A
2017-01 Los Angeles Community College District Los Angeles, California Education Yes $28000 N/A McAfee
2016-11 Gurnick Academy San Mateo, California Education No $ N/A
2016-11 San Francisco Transportation Municipality Agency San Francisco, CA Municipality No $ Yes ESET ESET
2016-10 East Valley Community Health Center West Covina, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-09 City of Yuba City Yuba City, California Municipality No $ Yes Symantec Symantec
2016-08 Marin Medical Practice Concepts Novato, California Medical Yes $ N/A
2016-08 Yuba-Sutter Medical Clinic Yuba City, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-08 Keck Medical Center Los Angeles, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-07 Marin Healthcare District Greenbrae, California Medical Yes $ N/A
2016-03 Chino Valley Medical Center Chino, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-03 Desert Valley Hospital Victorville, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-03 Alvarado Hospital Medical Center San Diego, California Medical No $ N/A
2016-02 Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Los Angeles, California Medical Yes $17000 N/A
Yuba County Yuba City, CA Government No $
KHS Bicycles Rancho Dominguez, CA Business Unknown $
University of California Berkeley Berkeley, CA Education Unknown $
Kia Motors America Irvine, CA Business Unknown $
Hyundai Motor America El Monte, CA Business Unknown $
Stanford University Stanford, CA Education Unknown $
University of California Online Berkeley, CA Education Unknown $
Accellion Palo Alto, CA Business Unknown $
Codecov San Francisco, CA Business Unknown $

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