PC Matic MSP Endpoint Suite

Managed prevention tools for increased cybersecurity and productivity through powerful automation.
PC Matic MSP Endpoint Suite is a comprehensive IT platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable.
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Raising the Bar in Centralized IT Security and Endpoint Management

  • Simple Whitelist Security
  • Malicious Script Blocking
  • Comprehensive RDP Controls
  • Remote Administration

Exclusively Developed and Managed in the USA

Whitelisting Made Simple

PC Matic MSP Endpoint Suite focuses on proactive detection and believes the best way to do so is through the use of application whitelisting. However, traditional whitelisting is difficult to deploy and even harder for IT staff to manage. PC Matic MSP Endpoint Suite offers an alternative approach, with a globally automated whitelist managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze unknown applications and categorize them globally.

24 Hour Professional Categorization

Automated, Real-Time Whitelist Security

Simple Two-Click Override

Endpoint Security Features

What is Application Whitelisting?


We introduced our Globally Automated Whitelist technology for PC Matic almost ten years ago. Since then, we’ve been accumulating millions of known good file hashes and digital signatures to trust for our customers. This process sets a backbone for our entire user base that makes deploying and managing Application Whitelisting finally something that any team or individual can do without being overwhelmed.

Device Authentication for Endpoint Security

Device Authentication

Your PC Matic MSP management console is filled with diverse tools and capabilities to make managing your customers a breeze. To ensure these tools don’t get into the wrong hands, our unique Device Authentication identifies each device that attempts to log in to your management console and even when paired with correct credentials, automatically blocks devices you don’t trust.

Secure RDP Lifeline - Remote Desktop Security Solutions

RDP Lifeline

Remote Desktop Protocol is a very valuable tool and a very big target for cybercriminals. With RDP Lifeline you can apply simple security to your customer’s RDP ports by utilizing device whitelisting to prevent any unknown devices from initiating an RDP session. Get real-time alerts about new RDP sessions, and review detailed audit logs for RDP activity for each customer.

Remote Endpoint Management

Remote Management

Having all of your most valuable tools in the same place can drastically improve your workflow. PC Matic MSP includes a suite of remote monitoring and management tools like integrated VNC to remote control devices with two clicks, remote CMD prompt for behind the scenes administration, File Manager, remote reboot and shutdown commands, realtime performance metrics, and more.

Software & Hardware Security Patch Management

Patch Management

One of the first rules of computer security is keeping your software updated. PC Matic MSP includes automatic third-party patching for 30 commonly vulnerable applications. Set a schedule to keep each customer updated per your version settings, and put an end to customers constantly clicking ‘Remind Me Later’ and opening security holes you have to answer to. Also includes automated Driver Update management for seamless hardware security.

Endpoint Security Performance


No matter what you’re looking to know, PC Matic MSP has a variety of reports from the top across all customers, to the bottom looking at one device. Generate automatic reports for each customer to demonstrate value, investigate and track down activity inside an environment, and customize fifteen different alerts to notify via email, SMS, or stay silent to avoid alert fatigue.

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