Ransomware Lifeline

Making RDP Management Simple

RDP Lifeline offers an advanced, yet easy-to-use approach to securing Remote Desktop Protocol ports, while working seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions.
RDP Lifeline on a notebook

Simple & Effective RDP Control

  • RDP Management Tools
  • Device Authentication
  • Expansive Reporting
  • Real-Time Alert System
  • Expansive Reporting
  • Real-Time Alert System

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Scheduled Remote Access

With RDP Lifeline, IT Administrators are able to schedule when remote sessions are permitted, both at an individual remote session-level, as well as network-wide.

Layered Defense

RDP Lifeline functions as an additional layer of defense, securing RDP ports while working seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions installed within the network.

RDP Management Tools

RDP Lifeline features a simple, yet effective management tool that scans the network for enabled RDP ports, and allows the ability to disable single ports or entire network remote access with a single click.

Expansive Reporting

Track attempted and successful RDP sessions, frequency of sessions, the location and device the session initiated from, the session duration, and IP address to help maintain network compliance.

Device Authentication

RDP Lifeline reduces the risk of RDP access through stolen credentials or rogue staff with the use of a device whitelist. Only devices on the whitelist are allowed to initiate a connection to the network while all others are blocked.

Real-Time Alert System

Away from the office, but still need to manage remote access? RDP Lifeline sends real-time text and/or email alerts with links to disable an active session, whitelist a device, disable RDP entirely, or shutdown a device, all while on the go.

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