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PC Matic Frequently Asked Questions

We've organized our frequent questions into separate sections based on categories. Find the link below that is the best match for your question. If you still have questions after checking here, try our Support Forums for an answer.

How to change or remove your account; login, email and password issues.

You purchased a PC Matic product and have questions.

You purchased a PC Matic product and need help not covered in FAQs.

Browser cookies that we set, what they do, and our recommended settings.

Our recommended settings for IE security and third-party firewalls.

Information on the use of software firewalls with PC Matic.

What data we collect at the site, and how we use it.

What to do if you can't complete PC Matic tests for any reason.

How to send a link to your test results so others can see them.

What software we install, what it does, and how to remove it.

The most common questions on PC Matic.

The most common questions on PC Magnum.

The most common questions on Optimize.

The most common questions on Driver Alert.

The most common questions on Disk MD.

How you can stop intrusive system-hogging programs from running.

What the SMBIOS is and how it affects your test results.

The best place to ask for help is on our support forums, also known as "The Pit". You won't get a single answer'll get dozens! The helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable people there can help you fix whatever ails your computer.

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Most questions or feedback about the site, your computer results or your account should be answered in these FAQs. If you have a question not covered here, you may submit a support ticket from our support page.

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