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Testimonials and reviews from PC Matic customers and third parties

It Works!

"Based on my hands-on testing, PC Matic is an effective antivirus and system optimization tool. It did quite a good job in my malware-blocking test."

Neil J. Rubenking | PC Mag
Easy to Use

"The clear and user-friendly interface makes it easy even for non-expert users to produce results quickly. PC Matic knows what they're doing."

Improves Performance and Secures

"PC Matic is a comprehensive AV tool, great for PC optimization as well as for system diagnosis and security."

Hassle Free - Just Schedule and Done

"With PC Matic, you never have to worry about performance, speed and maintenance of your PC ever again as it handles it all."

PC News Magazine

"The PC Matic tool makes a good impression, especially the automatic driver updates and the autorun-tests. Very easy to use and setup."

PC Magizin
PC Matic Offers Strong Approach to Security

"I do like the whitelist approach PC Matic has taken. And for a small practice, PC Matic is an economical security program."

Dave McClure | CPA Practice Advisor
PC Matic User Reviews
All American product!

After trying some other security products, I found PC Matic superior and gives me peace of mind about my on line information.

Ed Gray recommends PC Matic

This product was the best we have ever used and we tried several. If computer security is a concern this is the single best product I've found to cover all the bases.


This is an industry standard computer protection software, at (for me) nearly 50% savings. The ease of removing my old protection software (which they walk you through), software installation, scanning and finally the dashboard capabilities was/is quite impressive. Oh yeah and it's more cost effective. This is a win-win. I highly recommend PC Matic!!!

DawnDe A. Irwin recommends PC Matic

it cleaned up our daughter's PC here at home, increased the start up & operation speed. The customer service is great. They walk you thru every step & thoroughly answer all questions

Kurt Davis recommends PC Matic

Been using PC Matic for several years now. Really enjoy seeing the scan results. Also a benefit is the maintenance part of the program that keeps my desktop running smoothly. Even for my older desktop works great. Very pleased with the results and knowing that I’m protected.

Kathryn Burdey Trout recommends PC Matic

This is by far the best value for device protection. I love that it is made in the USA. Not only does it protect, it cleans unnecessary junk and keeps my computer running smoothly.

Works great!!

Had installed approx. a month and it has worked great. My laptop seems to run better. It is easy to install and setup and then you get a email after it has scanned letting you know what it found. So far really like it.

Ease of Use

Very easy to install. Makes all my devices run quickly and smoothly. Automatically scans and reports. Or I can do it manually as often as I wish. Keeps my household safe. Too easy.

Awesome product!

I love this anti-virus program! I have had several different anti-virus programs before and PC Matic far exceeds them all! And they are not kidding when they talk about "lightning speeds" - my laptop is soooo much faster than before!

Jim Laudie recommends PC Matic

Been very happy with PC Matic's service for our home PC. Love the scheduled maintenance and emailed summary I receive on a weekly basis regarding current status of the machine.

Great value for the price!

There are many features to like about PC Matic, being made in The USA is very important to me. I have it installed on 3 laptops and 1 desktop PC and it has improved performance on all 4 devices, I highly recommend it.

Barbara Todryk Riggs recommends PC Matic

I have had PC Matic for about 8-years and it has been the best money spent to keep up to 5 devices monitored. It checks my devices once a week and cleans and scans them.

My computer is faster now!

The greatest thing I've found about PC Matic is that now my computer runs so much faster. It's a huge difference. My computer was so slow that I thought about sending it back, but after downloading and running PC Matic, this computer is running at a decent clip. The computer is a Lenovo with 4 GB. It was brand new. After 2 weeks of PC Matic it runs much better. The software protects the computer, too, as far as I know!

Stephen Stobinski recommends PC Matic

Easy to install. The ability to run a scan anytime even though the automated scheduler is set to run scan once a week. Excellent overall security program.

Ron Hessler recommends PC Matic

Very pleased with PC Matic. 3rd year with no issues. Full Service! Thanks

As advertised

Very easy


This product is great.

Bob Goyer recommends PC Matic

great service and a great price.



Andrew Rounds recommends PC Matic

You get excellent antivirus service with PC Matic. You're making a mistake if you pass up their software

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