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I once read a study that said typical office workers only work 1.5 hours a day—if that applies to you, you might find the following computer tips useful to keep the boss from finding out what you do the other 6.5 hours a day. I take no responsibility for
how you use these computer tips and you didn’t see them here.

The Super Alt-Tab Computer Tips

Your boss probably already knows that alt-tab lets you quickly switch from your Web browser (displaying to a more productive-looking application, so your boss may make a habit of glancing at your Windows taskbar whenever he’s standing behind your computer to see what you’re really up to.

But you can one-up your boss by installing a special application that completely hides certain windows when you press a particular key combination. No matter how hard your boss looks, he won’t find these hidden windows (unless he knows your secret key combination).

Warning: if you install an application like Hide Window Plus, you may get in more trouble than you would for just surfing the Internet. If you can see your boss coming, you may have more luck by pressing Alt-Home in your Web browser to view your boring default home page before pressing Alt-Tab to switch to an even more boring application.

Computer Tips To Get Around Blocked Sites

Tech savvy bosses and larger organizations will often block the major time-wasting Web sites. When you try to visit Reddit or Digg or Slashdot, the blocking software displays a “get back to work screen” or—worse—a message saying that your visit has been logged with your boss.

But most of these blocking tools use what computer security professionals call a blacklist—they only list the sites you can’t visit. You can still visit any site not on that list.

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