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PC Security Quiz

by Mitz from Tips4pc.com

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about protecting your computer from hackers. We all need to keep our computers safe as it not only saves a lot of stress, but it also saves money, which can be scarce for some.

Q#1. Windows firewall is designed to:

A) Optimize data flow and boost download speeds on slow networks.
B) Manage all the hosts joining the network and assigning to them IP addresses.
C) Monitoring internet activity of programs and applications and protecting computer from unwanted external connections.
D) Improve user experience and recover any data lost.

Correct answer: Firewall presents a barrier between a trusted network and the other network, which needs to be checked and it is considered not to be safe. Firewall can consist of both software and hardware components. Protecting computer from unwanted external connections and controlling programs from accessing to the Internet is what Windows firewall is designed to do.

Q#2. What is keylogger?

A) A program that will delete essential files on operational system and cause the crash.
B) A executable file that causes your computer to continuously reboot and add itself to the Windows Registry.
C) A file that will add itself to your startup and show you commercials whenever you turn on computer.
D) A program that hides inside the system and records entered passwords which then send to the hacker.

Correct answer: Keyloggers monitor anything that you type and then send the report to the perpetrator. Anything that you type while having keylogger installed, including credit card numbers will be sent to the hacker. That’s why you need to regularly scan your computer.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Tips4PC.com.

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