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Advanced Application Allowlisting
6/6 AV Test score.
Advanced application allowlisting actively protecting the US Federal Government and Military. Proactively prevents malware and ransomware.
Traditional Blacklist Antivirus
6/6 AV Test score.
Traditional blacklist antivirus allows attacks to happen, then detects the attack and reacts accordingly. Damage has already been done.
6/6 AV Test score.
Slows applications by 2%.
6/6 AV Test score.
Slows applications by 6%.
5 devices. 1 year. Renews annually. 30 day money back guarantee.
1 device. 1 year. Renews annually. 30 day money back guarantee.
Free option available with limited options and increased security risk.
United States
PC Matic is the only home security software that is 100% researched, developed, and supported in the US.
Czech Republic
Developed and supported in the Czech Republic. Company headquartered in the Czech Republic.
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Why Choose PC Matic over Avast?

Superior Protection with Application Allowlisting

PC Matic's patented application allowlisting technology has revolutionized the way people are thinking about cybersecurity.

As malware and ransomware attacks become more sophisticated each day, traditional blacklist antivirus becomes more outdated and ineffective. Only application allowlisting can prevent malware and ransomware.

It's never too late to switch to application allowlisting.

Affordable Security Made and Maintained in America

Did you know most cyberattacks originate from Russia and China? Do you really trust cybersecurity solutions that come from the same people who create the malware and execute the attacks?

PC Matic is fully researched, developed, and supported in the United States. When it comes to preventing malware and ransomware, you never have to worry who's side we're on.

At a fraction of the price of foreign antivirus, who wouldn't want to pay less for the most advanced home security solution available?

Extreme Performance

PC Matic is more than just a security solution - it can help speed up your PC and make it like new again. Averaging just 5% CPU usage, PC Matic is also the most lightweight home security solution available.

Free up space by removing junk files, unneeded apps, and more. Stay up to date by automatically updating all drivers and software to fix vulnerabilities. Accelerate network speeds by optimizing broadband connections.

PC Matic does all this and more to guarantee your PC is always functioning at peak performance.

Award-Winning Protection

AV-TEST Best Advanced Protection
AV-TEST Best Performance
AV-TEST Certified Advanced Protection Against Ransomware
PC Matic represents a long overdue shift in the cybersecurity industry to absolute prevention. Today's threats demand nothing less.

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All American product!

After trying some other security products, I found PC Matic superior and gives me peace of mind about my online information.


This is an industry standard computer protection software, at (for me) nearly 50% savings. The ease of removing my old protection software (which they walk you through), software installation, scanning and finally the dashboard capabilities was/is quite impressive. Oh yeah and it's more cost effective. This is a win-win. I highly recommend PC Matic!!!

Kurt Davis recommends PC Matic

Been using PC Matic for several years now. Really enjoy seeing the scan results. Also a benefit is the maintenance part of the program that keeps my desktop running smoothly. Even for my older desktop works great. Very pleased with the results and knowing that I’m protected.


This product is great!

Andrew Rounds recommends PC Matic

You get excellent antivirus service with PC Matic. You're making a mistake if you pass up their software

Ed Gray recommends PC Matic

This product was the best we have ever used and we tried several. If computer security is a concern this is the single best product I've found to cover all the bases.

Awesome product!

I love this anti-virus program! I have had several different anti-virus programs before and PC Matic far exceeds them all! And they are not kidding when they talk about "lightning speeds" - my laptop is soooo much faster than before!

Kathryn Burdey Trout recommends PC Matic

This is by far the best value for device protection. I love that it is made in the USA. Not only does it protect, it cleans unnecessary junk and keeps my computer running smoothly.

Millions of People, Organizations, and the Federal Government Trust PC Matic over Avast


More than 3 million satisfied customers have used PC Matic products


PC Matic has scanned and protected over 22 billion applications and devices


Over 100k business endpoints have used PC Matic Pro to secure their IT infrastructure

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