PC Matic vs VMware Carbon Black App Control

See why organizations around the world prefer PC Matic's Zero Trust application allowlisting platform.

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VMware Carbon Black
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Fully Automated Global Allowlist
PC Matic's patented Global Allowlist utilizes AI and U.S. based malware researchers to secure your endpoints without manually allowlisting every application, script, and executable.
VMware Carbon Black
Traditional Whitelist
Manually whitelist applications, scripts, and executables.
Local List Remediation
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Local allowlist changes take effect instantly with just a single click.
VMware Carbon Black
Difficult to implement and takes upwards of hours to go into effect.
Script Prevention
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Real-Time Global Allowlist
Script allowlist prevents malicious scripts and macros in real-time to protect against application vulnerabilities being exploited.
VMware Carbon Black
Traditional Whitelist
Manually blacklist scripts, but not macros. No automatic default deny option.
Device Control
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Fully control what is on your devices and network. Restrict access to storage devices and RDP ports across the network or for specific devices straight from the cloud. Receive real-time alerts for unauthorized access attempts to proactively monitor potential threats.
VMware Carbon Black
Fully control what is on your devices and network. No RDP port restrictions, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.
Patch Management
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PC Matic monitors CVE vulnerabilities and automatically keeps critical applications up-to-date to close vulnerabilities. Schedule updates remotely by device or network-wide.
VMware Carbon Black
No automatic patch management. Manually update critical applications to close vulnerabilities.
Remote Tools
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Full Suite
Integrated VNC agent provides instant access to any device on your account. Remote command prompt lets you take action on any device without disrupting the user.
VMware Carbon Black
Remote tools available in other products for additional cost.
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ConnectWise, BigFix, Okta, Microsoft, IBM, Splunk, Google, Fortinet, Solarwinds, AT&T, Sumo Logic, Rapid7, and many more.
VMware Carbon Black
Splunk, IBM, Google, Exabeam, Sumo Logic, and ZScaler.
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Same-day deployment available. Layer with your existing EDR/XDR or rip and replace - deployment customized specifically for your organization. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud.
VMware Carbon Black
Deployment takes up to 30 days. Rip and replace or layer with other VMware Carbon Black products only. Deploy on-premise only.
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Most affordable cybersecurity available for businesses of all sizes. No minimums. No annual contracts.
VMware Carbon Black
Pay More for Less
Pay a premium for less features and less control of what's on your network.
Supply Chain Risk
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Made in America
100% researched, developed, and supported in the U.S. Eliminate supply chain risks that come with foreign software.
VMware Carbon Black
Supported overseas. Inherit supply chain risk to your organization.

Why Choose PC Matic Over VMware Carbon Black?

Application Allowlisting Without the Hassles

PC Matic's patented Global Allowlist has revolutionized the way IT administrators approach allowlisting. What was once thought of as a high-maintenance and time consuming cybersecurity technique can now be deployed almost instantly and managed in just seconds from anywhere through the cloud.

As malware and ransomware attacks become more sophisticated each day, Zero Trust becomes more crucial. PC Matic can be deployed alongside your EDR/XDR to improve your cybersecurity stack, or completely rip and replace your current software.

Only Zero Trust can prevent malware and ransomware. Stop reacting to threats.

Extreme Efficiency, Letting You Focus On What Matters

Everything at PC Matic is done with end user efficiency in mind. Our software is 3 times lighter than the industry average, leaving your devices functioning as good as new. Our Global Allowlist saves your IT administrators hundreds of hours during deployment and maintenance. Our malware researches are analyzing threats 24/7/365, so you don't have to.

Access everything in your PC Matic account through the cloud with our suite of remote tools. Plus, with real-time alerts, you'll never have to worry about becoming the next victim of a cyberattack.

Spend less time worrying about potential threats. Manage your cybersecurity on the go, from anywhere, at any time.

Save Money While Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Don't let your cybersecurity budget affect your bottom line. PC Matic's proprietary software comes fully loaded at a fraction of the price, with no hidden fees or renewal increases.

PC Matic is the only cybersecurity product 100% researched, developed, and supported in the United States. Reduce supply chain risks by eliminating software developed and supported overseas.

It's never too late to secure your endpoints and servers with application allowlisting.

Stop Responding to Threats.
Prevent Them.

Recognized by the Industry

5 Star Program
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  • FedRAMP Authorized
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant
  • SVAR
  • STS

Essential Cybersecurity

  • NIST Compliant
  • CIS Controls Compliant
  • MITRE ATT&CK Compliant
  • Essential Eight Compliant
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

Millions of People, Organizations, and the Federal Government Trust PC Matic over VMware Carbon Black


More than 3 million satisfied customers are being protected by PC Matic


PC Matic has scanned and protected over 22 billion applications and devices


Over 100k business endpoints have used PC Matic Pro to secure their IT infrastructure

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PC Matic represents a long overdue shift in the cybersecurity industry to absolute prevention. Today's threats demand nothing less.