Simple Trick for Organizing Your Desktop

One simple trick to clean up your desktop and keep your most used programs close at hand.–PC Pitstop.

Simple Trick for Organizing Your Desktop

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Keeping your Windows desktop organized can be quite a hassle. On one hand, you want to keep it neat. On the other hand, you want to fill it with icons so that you can quickly get to your most used programs and documents. Using one simple trick, we’ll show you how to accomplish both goals at the same time.

How Not To Keep Your Windows Desktop Organized

When you first buy your computer or when you first install Windows, your desktop is practically devoid of icons. But if you’re like most people, you quickly fill it up with both useful icons and junk. After a few weeks, it becomes a challenge to find anything, useful or not. It’s probably about now that you’re most interested in getting your Windows desktop organized.

You could “spring clean” your Windows desktop by moving unused icons and documents into either the Recycle Bin or into a new folder. Or you could do a “reverse spring clean” by moving all of the icons and documents on your desktop into a folder and then move back to your desktop only the icons and documents you use. But there’s a problem with both of these methods: they don’t stop you from messing up your Windows desktop again.

The ideal way to keep your Windows desktop organized helps you keep it full of useful stuff without making it look messy. It also helps you quickly find and get rid of unnecessary icons and documents. Plus, the ideal method would make your desktop look attractive and professional to other people who might see it. That ideal method exists and it’s so easy you won’t believe it.

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