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9 Bandwidth Saving Tips

9 great tips for saving internet bandwidth usage.–PC Pitstop.

9 Bandwidth Saving Tips

by Mitz from Tips4pc.com

If you have a limited amount of Internet bandwidth a month, maybe because you’re on a mobile data plan, learning to save internet bandwidth usage can be quite difficult. So many websites and apps today are designed to use as much data as possible—from HD videos to even web-based spreadsheets. The following tips can help you keep your bandwidth in check.

Bandwidth-Saving Tip #1—Install A Monitor

An old management expression says, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” and the same thing applies to reducing your Internet bandwidth usage. Without some sort of monitor, you can’t know which steps are most effective at saving your bandwidth.

There are lots of bandwidth monitors out there. Windows includes a very basic one by default—go to the Network Settings screen for your version of windows and double-click on the the connection you’re currently using. It will show you the number of bytes sent and received since you last rebooted the computer or restarted the connection.

However, what you really need is a monitor that can match your billing cycle (usually monthly) so you don’t have to manually log your totals from every day or reboot your computer every month. Most connection monitors are free, so look for one you like and which doesn’t include any adware.

A network monitor can:

*Find out and monitor how fast your Internet connection is.
*Find out and monitor how much Internet traffic YOU really use.
*Verify your ISP charges and make sure you get what you pay for.
*Detect a suspicious network activity on your computer.
*Perform simple network tests using network troubleshooting commands like ping and trace route.
*Notify you about excessive Internet usage.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Tips4PC.com.

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