Month: January 2021

Feature Expansion – Endpoint Vulnerabilities

To expand your visibility over possible vulnerabilities in your environment, we have expanded PC Matic PRO‘s Endpoint Vulnerabilities report to include two new reports: SuperShield Blacklist/Learning Mode Enabled, and Lockout Thresholds Not Set. SuperShield Blacklist/Learning Mode Enabled When SuperShield is left in Blacklist Only or Learning Mode outside of a normal test or implementation phase, it leaves …

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Altcoin vs Bitcoin Altcoin is just another name for cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin. It may make sense to think of Bitcoin as its own entity, seeing as how we hear of it so frequently, but it’s really just another form of cryptocurrency. Since it is so prominent, and somewhat stable, it is the cryptocurrency of …

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New Year, New Ransomware

Babuk Locker Emerges in 2021 In less than a week, 2021 introduced a new type of Enterprise ransomware. Babuk Locker is now less than a month old and has amassed a small collection of victims. So far ransoms have been demanded in bitcoin and are under $100,000, to what I could find. If you aren’t …

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PC Matic for Home & Business

Double Digits; PC Matic’s Whitelist Turns 10

A Decade Of Protection Between the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began heavily recommending whitelisting technology. Brands that hadn’t been using it were converting over. Big name AV companies began slowly integrating the technology into their offerings. It’s over a year later, and they …

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[email protected] Update

Call To Action Frequently, when presented with an overwhelming problem, we humans try to find our own ways to help. It’s in our nature. We may not be able to digest something in its entirety, but we can use our own talents to offer assistance where we can. On March 30th last year, PC Matic …

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Cyber Security Hygiene Affects Network and Endpoint Security with Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting – Our Nation’s Solution to the Cyber Security Crisis

Application Whitelisting–Our Nation’s Solution? Application Whitelisting Cybersecurity. Never in our history has cyber security been a bigger threat than it is now.  Whether it is our computers, smart phones, tablets, televisions, smart watches, etc., they’re all at risk.  Malware and ransomware threats are becoming an increasing menace. How can we possibly secure our data against …

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