Text scams are being sent to Americans.

A Scam Alert From the PC Matic Team

Spotting A Scam

We talk a lot about spotting scams and what you can do to protect yourself. And when a new scam crosses our desk, we like to keep you updated. You have to be able to spot a scam, though, and this is where education and common sense comes in.

First, if it “looks weird,” you should double check it. An email may come in with a slightly different format. You may also see a popup on a website prompting you for information. If this feels off in any way, it’s best to delete the email or leave the site.

Additionally, I think we should all know by now that legitimate companies are not calling you and asking for financial information. And if that wasn’t something you were aware of, let me tell you that legitimate companies are not calling you and asking for financial information.

Last but not least, do NOT do a web search for customer service numbers. So many people get scammed this way. Go to the company’s verified website and there ONLY. If there isn’t a phone number (sometimes there isn’t) then use their method of contacting them. Don’t turn around and search for a phone number. You’re GOING to get scammed.

New PC Matic Scam

Now that we know about spotting scams, here’s an update from the PC Matic helpdesk. This was reported this morning, and we want to make sure you’re informed.

PC Matic Scam

See that number? We will never ask you to call a number. Also, we’ll use your name. We have the name you used at sign-up on file. I promise we won’t throw you in anonymously with everyone else. Lastly, we’ll always route you through our Support Page for any changes in your account.

We can’t stop these scammers from sending the info out, but we can all work together to keep you from becoming a victim.

Stay safe out there!

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