Finding the Fastest Internet Service

How to pick the fastest internet service available in your area.–PC Pitstop.

Finding the Fastest Internet Service

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Which is the fastest Internet service—DSL, Cable, Fibre Optic (FiOS), ISDN, or T–1? The short answer: most homes and small offices will get the fastest speed over fibre optic.

But few people can get fibre optic where they live—I can’t get it at my house—so one of the other services may be your best option. If you’re one of the many people who can’t get fibre optic but who still wants the fastest Internet service around, read on for everything you need to know.

Two Things That Make The Fastest Internet Service

There are two components of Internet speed—latency and throughput (also called bandwidth).

The lower your latency, the faster information gets to your computer from the Internet. The higher your bandwidth, the more information you can download during a particular period.

Low latency is very important to gamers and small offices with Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones. High bandwidth is important to anyone who downloads a lot of large files, like a family with a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription.

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4 thoughts on “Finding the Fastest Internet Service”

  1. This was a very good write up on almost all of the pitfalls that most people do not know about. Also was an enjoyable read.
    We have a odd hybrid in our area. AT&T U-verse (also known as fiber to copper). There is a huge squabble about this change in the POTS line, but I like the better efficiency in the transfer rate. There was a really good write up about this in the Huffington Post. But even with the cloak and dagger background its still far better than the DSL-lite we did have.
    Good link PC pitstop. There are plenty of nerdy details but this link has just the basics.

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