Finding the Right Drivers for Your PC

Finding the Right Drivers for Your PC

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What if you can’t find the driver you need in a Windows search? Check out these other resources.
Also, keep in mind, automatic driver update technology is included in PC Pitstop’s PC Matic & Driver Alert products.–PC Pitstop.

Q. How do I find the right drivers for my computer free on the internet?

A. How do you find the right device driver for free on the Internet? It can be a real pain when you buy a new or used gadget but need to install the driver before you can use it—and it’s worse if the device didn’t come with a driver on a CD. Please see what is a device driver.

Most versions of Windows can automatically search Microsoft’s driver database and find the right driver for most products. That’s the easiest way to get device drivers for free on the Internet, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Some device manufacturers refuse to pay Microsoft to put their device driver in the Microsoft database, so you have to find the device driver the hard way using a Google search.

The following sections will walk you through both procedures so you can start using your device as soon as possible.

You May Not Need A Device Driver – Article Continued Here

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4 thoughts on “Finding the Right Drivers for Your PC”

  1. Have problem finding driers for printer hp desk f4100, if no work I use disk to unstall, than to find updated drives for it.,found install bout 2or 3 times,,finly it works.. I guess all outdated using vesta,also keep gtting thease adds from mrosof to buy new drives $29.95..but comp. works ok..donot understand what gives ??? Al..

  2. There are a number of ‘free’ driver updater programs available, some of them are quite good, but install PUPs & a mass of recurring pop-up ads (IOBIT, looking at you….). Watch the install procedures carefully & de-select boxes which install unwanted extras.

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