Month: August 2010

PC Pitstop Newsletter – Best of 2010 (so far)

  • 5 Reasons I Hate My iPod
  • Windows 7 Restore Points Wiped Out
  • IE6 Are You Kidding?
  • Is Internet Explorer Safe to Use?
  • 10 Unusually Useful Sites
  • Can Hackers See My Data?
  • The Next Version of Windows
  • Why I Don’t Love My iPad
  • Tekzilla Tip- Turn Off Trackpad
  • Tip 1 – Killer Gmail Tips
  • Tip 2 – IE 8 with No Add-Ons
  • Tip 3 – Windows 7 Guide
  • Windows 7 Sometimes Not Working

    Here’s a news flash. Sometimes Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 will randomly not respond. Wow! No Kidding? So I guess that information and the fact that I see specs of light dotting my back yard on summer evenings shouldn’t surprise me now.

    Glad you told me, otherwise I’d be flipping out.

    Intel Tosses 7.8 Billion To McAfee

    How will the Intel buyout of McAfee impact Norton/Symantec? How can this possibly improve the fight against malware? What’s the advantage?

    If this purchase goes forward, there will be more questions than answers. I personally want to know why Bill and Dave are wearing matching shirts. Take a look inside.

    PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2010 #2

  • 2 Worst Security Threats of 2010
  • New PC Pitstop Page on Facebook
  • What My Wife Loves About Win 7
  • When Is 4GB RAM Not Enough?
  • Top Troubleshooting Tips & Tools
  • What If Your House Burns Down?
  • Great OS Games
  • NFL in 3D
  • Cellphone/Smartphone Survey
  • Tekzilla Tip- Boost Windows 7 Productivity
  • Tip 1 – New Features in WordPad & Paint
  • Tip 2 – 2 Free Office 2010 Ebooks
  • Tip 3 – Preventing Word 2007 Accidents
  • Chris Pirillo: When Will 4GB of RAM Be Not Be Enough?


    By Chris Pirillo

    The Lockergnome community was recently asked when we feel that 4GB of RAM just won’t be “enough” for our machines. As of now, there are very few people who need more than this, even though we all like to think we do. If you think back to when Windows XP was released, the minimum requirement to install was 64MB of RAM. Compare that to Vista or Windows 7 – or any other software on the market today. Most of it will require you to have at least 1 or 2GB of memory. So – when will we see the day where 4GB isn’t enough anymore?

    Dodge Retort: 3D TV Meets the NFL on Sept. 2


    By John Dodge

    I’ve been invited along with 600 others by the Verizon folks to watch the first NFL game ever broadcast on 3D TV. The game will be between the New England Patriots (my team) and New York Giants Sunday night Sept. 2.

    Bits from Bill Pytlovany: What My Wife Loves About Windows 7

    bill p

    By Bill Pytlovany

    My wife Cindi is a typical computer user who knows how to do what she needs and no more. She has no interest in how it all works but she expects her computer to work in a consistent manner. She enjoys learning new features but only if it’s related to her daily activities and/or makes life easier.

    When her new ThinkPad came earlier this year I worried that she wouldn’t welcome the changes.  I don’t know about other geek husbands out there but “anything” that doesn’t work right on Cindi’s computer is my fault. 🙂

    So I was nervous when I upgraded Cindi from her Windows XP machine to a brand new Windows 7 interface. To my surprise and delight the conversion was successful and Cindi has been very happy with Windows 7.

    The 2 Biggest Security Threats in 2010


    Scareware and You

    Without a doubt the largest threat to the security of your computer, identity, and bank account is YOU.

    The best firewalls and most effective antivirus won’t help a bit if you, the user, clicks on Rogue Security Software and fake warnings. Known also as Scareware, this thief is fooling you big time. When it knocks, do not open the door.