Bill Pytlovany

BillP Studios founder and industry insider Bill Pytlovany was at one time best known for his leading role in creating the software behind the service now called, AOL. These days Bill is better for helping to increase the performance and security of hundreds of thousand of computers - through his award winning product - Win Patrol.

Could Your Printer Be Spying On You?


In light of the recent revelations about the NSA’s snooping, our good friend Bill P dug into his archives for this post about how printers are designed to help the government catch counterfeiters

Greed Killed the Personal Computer


I’ve read a lot of predictions about the death of the PC. Most of the articles assume the blame is due to the surge inthe use of tablets and powerful smart phones. If you’re seeing the same updates that I do you’ll agree the real death may be due to…

Updating your Twitter Password Isn’t Enough


Today, the public news report is that information from approximately 250,000 Twitter accounts was stolen. Twitter has taken action but I recommend you do more than just change your password. Even if you don’t use Twitter this attack may still affect you.

Verizon FIOS Listened To Me on Twitter


When I switched to FIOS Internet in 2009 it was cheaper & provided higher upload speeds which weren’t even available from Time Warner. It was an easy decision to switch from Time Warner to Verizon FIOS. While not having a physical store seemed like an issue my experience over the past few days proved Verizon FIOS is determined to be #1.

Rebooting to Windows 8 Safe Mode


One of the benefits of Windows 8 is the instant boot capabilities on Windows RT and almost instant boot on Windows 8 Pro. Unfortunately, this speedy boot time may prevent the traditional “Press F8” to enter safe mode.