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I became aware of conduit when my browser was HiJacked and my system became unusable.

This is a PIA software that is contaminating an alarming number of people. You must do everything you can to avoid this scum.

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Beware Search by Conduit

Pneumatic Tubes

“Before a virus can be removed from your system, it must be found, identified, and added to each antivirus companies definitions list. Only then can your antivirus detect infections.” Until your antivirus products adds an infection to their list, you are helpless to remove it. Because of this we developed SuperShield. SuperShield stops all executable files (.exe) from running on your system unless you add them to your “safe” list.


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Scroogle You


I’ve always been a fan of all things Google , but a while back I noticed things aren’t what they used to be.

Old eyes can be easily fooled. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, and let me know what you think.

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Windows8-The Last Nail

Knowing that Nothing is forever, I’ve always wondered when we’d see the fall of Windows. Unfortunately, I think we are seeing that happen now.

In the past two years we’ve seen mobility reshape the form of computing. Cell phones have become mini computers and tablets have become the fastest growing form factor of computing today.

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Pushers Foisting on Every Corner

Foistware– I know you’re familiar with it. Most of the time it is served up as a small check box that is already checked. The purveyors of this crap are hoping you click so fast that you don’t notice their presumptuous check mark . Sure it’s legal, but it’s irritating, it’s a pain, it’s annoying. It’s just one more example of someone trying to force things on us that we don’t want. Like ordering a cheeseburger and getting a fish sandwich.

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