Month: September 2009

PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2009 #2

    Ask Leo: Help! My email was hijacked!
    Chris Pirillo Video: How to Improve Internet Explorer
    Bits from Bill: Most Underrated Windows Tweak
    The Race for Your Email
    Technologizer: MSFT Tablet PCs
    TechBite: Making the PC to TV Connection
    The Dodge Retort: Socialnomics ’09 – The Movie
    Tip #1: Learn Windows 7
    Tip #2: 5 Best Online Image Editors
    Tip #3: Down for everyone or just me
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

Introducing PC Matic


What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is a collection of PC Pitstop’s award winning technologies (OverDrive, Optimize, Driver Alert, Disk MD & Exterminate) – all under one hood and one integrated architecture.

With PC Matic, computer users can now have security, speed, stability and performance all in one product. (learn more).


Chris Pirillo Video: How to Improve Internet Explorer


Back in the day, I used to love Internet Explorer. It was awesome… up until version 4 and above. A lot of people out there still use IE, and will continue to do so. You can install a new plugin that Google has released – and have your install of Internet Explorer kick serious browser butt once again.

Technologizer: Microsoft Does Tablets. Yes, Again


By Harry McCracken

Gizmodo is reporting on what it says is Microsoft’s prototype for a new sort of tablet computer – one with dual screens bound up like a book, and an interface that involves both multi-touch (like an iPhone) and a stylus (like a Tablet PC). It’s supposedly code-named Courier, and Gizmodo has a video walkthrough–which is done in animation, so this could be a concept rather than a product that’ll ever be available for sale.

TechBite: Stream Movies from Your PC to Your TV


By Steve Bass

Watch movies on my PC? No way." I was talking to one of my cousins, not one of the brightest bulbs in the family. It took me a few minutes to explain how he could send downloaded movies — as well as other Internet content, such as TV shows — to the TV in his living room.

For the last few months, I’ve tried two devices that sit near your TV and grab video content from your PC. Even in this dreadful economy, neither one I tried is terribly expensive — and there are no monthly charges.

This week I’ll cover the hardware; next week I’ll tell you where to find movies and TV shows on the Internet. I’ll also tell you about a MediaGate portable media player.



By Steve Hogan

The echoing sound of “You’ve Got Mail” faded this summer as Google’s Gmail powered past AOL and captured the third place position among email servers.

With a growth rate of 46% over the past year some are saying Gmail will overtake Windows Live Mail/HotMail at the number 2 position by early in 2010. Possibly even as early as Feb. 2010.


PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2009

PC Specs Don’t Matter
OverDrive: “Outstanding Tool”
Ask the Pros: Kill Fake AntiVirus
2 Steps to Dual Boot Windows
64 Bit Systems on the Rise
Chris Pirillo Video: Do You Need More Memory?
Bits from Bill: 4 Reasons Win 7 is 10x Better
Technologizer: World’s Weirdest Laptops
TechBite: 6 Surprising Uses for Google
The Dodge Retort: The Politics of FIOS
Tip #1: Screenrecorder
Tip #2: Virtual PC
Tip #3: Refresh Firefox Tabs Fast
Tip #4: Monitor Off Utility
PC Pitstop Driver Library

64-Bit Systems on The Rise


In a Microwave world where everyone is looking for immediate satisfaction the computer system is not exempt. Faster processors, larger RAM, and faster broadband connections are a few examples of optimizing a computers potential. Years ago it was basically just Servers reaping the benefit of 64-bit processing, but today 64-bit processors have almost become common amongst desktop PCs.