Month: June 2009

Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Pricing


Microsoft has released their pricing for Windows 7. For most users in the US, this breaks down to three important levels; retail, preorder promotion, and recent purchase upgrade.

The recent purchase upgrade is no real deal for consumers because without it, desktop and laptop sales would grind to a halt. It’s not a consumer gift, it’s a demand by systems manufacturers to insure survival.

PC Pitstop – Newsletter – June 2009

World’s Most Popular Freeware
Must Have Windows 7 Links
Mark Your Calendars Now
Windows 7 Pricing Leaked
Ask the Pros -What is Bing?
Chris Pirillo Video: Ask the Pros -PC Speed
Bits from Bill: Solving Mystery Filenames
Technologizer: 80s Computer Patents
TechBite: Pry Loose Stubborn Programs
The Dodge Retort: The Netbook Rainbow
Tip #1: Open Task Manager FAST
Tip #2: 8 Step PC Tune Up
Tip #3: Better Firefox Privacy
Tip #4: 20 Free OS Downloads
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The World’s Most Popular Freeware – Updated

Welcome to the official second edition of the PC Pitstop Free Software Report. I want to thank everyone for the tons of comments both positive and negative. We are listening. More importantly, many of our readers learned more from the comments than our Top Software List! In fact, I even learned a few things.

Best Buy Leaks Windows 7 Upgrade Plans


The sleuths over at Engadget have apparently uncovered an internal memo from Best Buy outlining plans for Windows 7 upgrades beginning in late June. This goes along with information from Microsoft describing the Technology Guarantee or Windows 7 Upgrade program, as it has been called lately.

Technologizer: Patentmania! Personal Computers of the Early 1980s


By Harry McCracken

The first few years of PC history were its stone age–the era when any signs of life whatsoever were history-making. The period from 1985 to the present, as amazing as it’s been, has been one of consistency and compatibility. Which is why I think of 1980-1985 as the most interesting half-decade in PC history. Almost every new system (including some that debuted in 1979) was still an experiment–and even flops could be fascinating. Herewith a gallery of notable examples, illustrated with evocative drawings from Google Patents.

Bits from Bill: Mystery Filenames that Make No Sense

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Have you ever notice a filename that is so bizarre you think it must be some kind of malware? Microsoft Windows has supported long filenames for years but most folks still haven’t caught on. Microsoft is especially guilty of using short useless filenames like lsass.exe, mdm.exe and the most infamous ctfmon.exe.

TechBite: Pry Loose Stubborn Programs


By Steve Bass

You’ve probably noticed that some programs you install never make it to the Windows Add/Remove applet; other apps simply disappear from the list. This week I’ll show you a brute force way to dump those annoying apps into the bit bucket.

Video – Ask the Pros Answer from Chris Pirillo


Our good friend Chris Pirillo has stepped in to help us answer one of the numerous Ask the Pros questions that have come in. This week, Chris tackles a question from Candace who is wondering “how (she) can speed up her computer without adding memory”.

ASK THE PROS June 2009 bing



1. Agnes S. asks: what is Bing?


(A). The begining of the end for Google.

(B). An old dead Crosby

(C). A powerful search engine.
(D). Another “gotcha” from Mircosoft.
(E). All of the above.