Best Buy Leaks Windows 7 Upgrade Plans


The sleuths over at Engadget have apparently uncovered an internal memo from Best Buy outlining plans for Windows 7 upgrades beginning in late June. This goes along with information from Microsoft describing the Technology Guarantee or Windows 7 Upgrade program, as it has been called lately.

Perhaps, most interesting is the line in the memo that says Windows 7 isn’t just a “Vista that Works”. Not earth shattering to those who have tried Vista, but a nice confirmation from BestBuy that in fact “Vista Doesn’t Work”.

I doubt that this will help with new system sales between now and the slated Windows 7 release date, but it will be helpful for those who are forced to buy during this period.

For those who can’t wait, BestBuy will be offering “select versions” by preorder. Windows 7 Home Premium will sell for $49.99 and the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $99.99. The “Preorder Promotion” will run between June 26th and July 11th, 2009.

Let the mania begin


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