TechBite: Shopping for Bargains on the Internet


By Steve Bass

Bargain Hunting

You have a cheapskate gene, one that yearns for a
wholesale price? I do and can’t bear to pay more for
something if I can find the exact same thing for less

That’s this week’s main topic: The sites I regularly visit
with daily bargain-priced products, those with coupon
codes for discounts or free shipping, and the tools to
make bargain hunting easier.

Take a Camel Shopping

Little known fact: Prices on Amazon — as well as
electronics distributors BestBuy and Newegg — fluctuate.
Like corn and hog bellies, Amazon sees its products as
commodities and sometimes you’ll see a 5- to 44-percent
price drop.

So high on my list of valuable shopping services is
camelcamelcame []l. Give it
the items you’re looking for on Amazon and it’ll notify
you by e-mail (or RSS) when a price dives below its
current level. For instance, Camel spotted an infrared
[] that
plummeted from $80 to $45. (Too bad I don’t need one.)

And if you have an Amazon wish list, Camel will import and
track it. You don’t even need to register. Check here for
links [] to Camel’s
store trackers, for such sites as Newegg, BestBuy, and

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