Steve Bass’s Time Wasters (Games, Videos & More) – April 2011


By Steve Bass

**E-mail’s this week’s topic, so you might be interested in how you rate as a computer user by the ISP you use.
(be sure to visit Oatmeal’s Comics page for more LOL gems — like if you do this in an e-mail, I hate you. (Thanks, JB.)

**The Lime Edition of the Line Game relies on your hand and eye coordination and proves I have few of those skills.
As you move your mouse — and the line — remember that keeping the cursor in one spot slows down the movement.
And don’t worry, that won’t help you much. If you like the game, there are plenty more to frustrate you.

The line game will definitely frustrate you

**Last week I mentioned that Walking on water was the latest hot sport. I gave you a link that shows how it was done.

Ken P. gave me a better link.

**If I ever get a cat, I want one that has a sense of humor. And comes complete with its own little box.

**Attention Luddites: Manual typewriters are apparently back in vogue, and I’m not talking about those formerly hot-selling IBM Selectrics.
Under 30-year-olds are dazzled with the look and feel of the clickity-clack antiques, according to the NY Times (registration required).
What’s next — rotary dials and cursive writing? (Thanks to Elaine B.)

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