Steve Bass’s More Great Time Wasters


By Steve Bass

•Use your cursor keys to move the square through the blueprint and get it to the X. “Open Doors,” I hear you thinking, “it can’t be that hard…” Don’t be too sure, especially as you get to higher levels (if you do, that is).

•I know this guy’s saying to himself that next time he’ll stay in the car and let his partner step outside to take the photos. And talking about bears, here are some shots of what happens when a bear gets annoyed at a Piper Cub…

The quarterback sneak. “Dude you’re doing it wro… HOLY SH*T NOOOO!!” — Comment from member of the other team.

The perfect gift for kids: Easy selection. Space age design. Fingertip control. Easy replacement. Only $3.99. Can you guess what it is? [Thanks, Tom.]

•Why would anyone submerge a PC in an aquarium filled with mineral oil? To see if it’ll run, of course (and it does). [Thanks, Andybear.]

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