More of Steve Bass’s Time Wasters


By Steve Bass

Pi Day rolls around every March 14th — yes, you missed it — and it’s a celebratory event for mathematicians. It’s an obsession for some. To wit: this person used 10,178 dominoes to obsess over a big Happy Pi Day spiral.


A weird guy, neat music, and colorful Legos all made me smile. Watch The Brick Thief: A LEGO Short Film.


Patrick Boivin is a skilled stop motion animator with a great sense of humor. Here’s an earlier commercial he did. Now turn down the volume and watch his latest creation, the one minute Black Widow Gone Wild. Play it at 1080, full screen if you can. (And because you’re so out of it, I oughta explain: the Black Widow is a Scarlett Johansson Hot Toy figure from Iron Man 2. Don’t you know anything?)


The Candy Challenge: Something every child should learn to do.


Take careful aim and see if you can avoid what I did — missing the apple.

Ready, aim, and duck…

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