Laptops Are Still Exploding

Laptops Are Still Exploding

UPDATED: 9/25/2015

In 2006, PC Pitstop helped to expose the dangers of Lithium Ion laptop batteries. After 7 years, we hoped computer and battery OEMs would have taken dramatic steps to minimize these risks. However, our concerns were reignited by news of a recent large battery recall at Best Buy.

So, we once again turned to our friends at D2 Worldwide to investigate and address the question:

Are Lithium Ion laptop batteries any safer in 2013?

The results are disturbing.

Exploding Laptop 2013 (Extended Version)

Exploding Laptop 2013 (Reaction Only Version)

Exploding Laptop 2006

Lithium Ion Battery Fire Incidents in the News:

Fujitsu America Recalls Battery Packs for Fujitsu Notebook Computers Due to Fire Hazard

Previously Unseen Government Video of Li Ion Battery Dangers
By Tom Vacar |

Laptops on Beds Can Spark Fires
By Liz Crenshaw | | Jul 9, 2013

View more videos at:

Apple MacBook battery: Exploded
By Violet Blue for Pulp Tech | November 20, 2013

Midtown condo board claims exploding laptop caused major damage
By David Jones | The Real Deal | June 26, 2013

Laptop battery causes apartment fire in Manassas, officials say
By Jeremy Borden | Washington Post | May 21, 2013

Laptop fire almost destroys college library
By Livi Wilkinson | The Tab Oxford | March 6, 2013

Firefighters: Laptop battery set mattress on fire
By KVAL News | Jan 23, 2013

Laptop battery likely cause of fatal house fire
By | Dec 3, 2009

Laptop fire blamed for Vancouver death
CBC News | Aug 26, 2009

70,000 HP laptop batteries recalled due to fire hazard
by Darren Murph | May 14, 2009

Laptop Explodes at LAX (2007)

Man blames Dell laptop for house fire
By Erin Bryce | Aug 18, 2006

Another Dell Laptop Ablaze!
By | July 28, 2006

Dell said to have ‘dozens’ of burned laptop incidents on file
By Register Hardware | 21 Jul 2006

Dell Pinpointed Sony Battery Flaw Last Year, Records Show
CRN by Edward F. Moltzen on October 4, 2006

Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference
By Paul Hales | Jun 21 2006

Past PC Pitstop Lithium Ion Battery Fire Research:

Notebook PC Explodes

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire II

A Video is Worth a Hundred Blogs

Exploding Laptop Video Featured on National TV

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