PC Matic Awarded “Best Performance 2019” by the 2019 AV-TEST Awards

Myrtle Beach, SC – Today, PC Matic, American cybersecurity firm and the makers of the world’s only 100% American-made antivirus software, announced it was awarded the “2019 Best Performance Award” by the 2019 AV-Test Awards.

“PC Matic upholds its product pledge to its users: good malware protection while maintaining a low system load. This deserves the Performance Award”, says Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST. “Hardly any other software was able to achieve such stellar results in the category of performance in the annual test. Which is why PC Matic receives the Performance Award for consumer software.”

PC Matic, receiving the highest honors awarded in the performance category by the “2019 AV-Test Awards,” was awarded this honor after meeting the high standards put forth by the AV-Test Institute. The awards, honoring products and companies that clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors, are only awarded to products who prove their technical superiority by making a high-performance finish in the AV-Test labs throughout the test period of an entire year”

“Reliable cybersecurity solutions are more important than ever,” said PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng, “PC Matic aims to simplify cybersecurity processes and harden our users’ cyber-infrastructure as cybercriminals continue to try and take advantage of Americans.” Cheng went on to thank the AV-Test Institute, adding “this recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our team has committed to cybersecurity solutions, and we are forever grateful for this honor.”

PC Matic is the only cybersecurity solution provider that is 100% developed, supported, and researched in the United States.

More information on PC Matic may be found here.

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