Completely Remove Unwanted Programs

Completely Remove Unwanted Programs

by Mitz Pantic from

How to completely uninstall and remove very stubborn programs.
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“There are a few programs that I installed on my computer a few months back due to which my computer has been getting stuck a lot. Now I want to delete them all, but even though I tried different ways to delete and remove those programs, none worked. What should I do now? How should I remove these programs?”

Have you been at the receiving end of a particularly stubborn program that just refuses to budge? Maybe the programs won’t start. No matter how many times you try to try to delete it, uninstall it, it just would not get uninstalled? Well, not to worry because through this post you will show you how you can delete even the most obstinate of programs. These simple steps would help all, novices and pros alike.

How to Uninstall Stubborn Programs?

There are mainly two ways through which you can remove unwanted installed programs.

1. Use Add/Remove programs which can be found in the Control Panel and select the software or the program that you want to uninstall. Lastly click the ‘Remove’ button to uninstall.

2.Use third party software to uninstall the stubborn program.

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