Ransomware Gang Emails Victims - Will the #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters movement drive change?

Will The #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters Movement Drive Change?

It has been a couple weeks since I have written to you all. First, I want to say thank you for your continued support for the #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters movement. There have been a few Twitter accounts, with a significant following, that have retweeted posts about the #AWLM movement — we just need to keep it up. Keep sharing, keep retweeting, and keep commenting.

To drive change, we must keep the conversation going. We must bring awareness to the solution that each and everyone of you trust to keep your devices secure from cyber crime.

The Latest Stream of Attacks

Last week, the world went crazy. A large remote monitoring and management tool, Kaseya, was infected with ransomware. This was considered a supply chain attack. They deemed it as such because the infection of Kaseya infected some of their managed service providers (MSPs). From there, the ransomware infected the companies that the MSPs work with. Some of these victims were public municipalities, like the City of Leonardtown, Maryland, and schools like Virginia Tech University. The cyber criminals demanded a $70 million payment from Kaseya, which they did not pay. However, it is reported that some of the companies that the MSPs work with, did engage with the cyber criminals to get their systems restored.

Additionally, other entities have gone public with ransomware infections that have nothing to do with the Kaseya attack. The University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Pacific Market Research of Washington, and a trucking company all went public regarding their ransomware attacks.

As you all know, application whitelisting can prevent this. You all know, because you all use it.

The #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters Movement

PC Matic is just one company. However, there are millions of you. Each with a voice to educate the market of the silver bullet that defeats ransomware, application whitelisting. PC Matic offers one of the best anti-ransomware solutions with application whitelisting for small business.

Being the early adopters and believers in application whitelisting, you are the living proof that PC Matic’s customers are uninfected and that application whitelisting works.  The goal of #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters is to gain in numbers and become a much needed, credible, alternate voice in cybersecurity. 

Joining the Movement

#ApplicationWhitelistingMatters’ tool is social media.  We will be posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn regarding the latest news about cybersecurity, prevention, and ransomware attacks. Those posts will include the #AWLM and #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters hashtags. You may join the conversation by sharing, commenting, and/or liking the posts that include the #AWLM and #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters hashtags. The more that join, the bigger the movement becomes. In turn, driving a larger awareness of application whitelisting for enterprise cybersecurity, and finally the lower the infections.  This is how we win.

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