The #ApplicationWhitelistingMovement begins.

Join the #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters Movement

Thank you for being a loyal PC Matic customer.  Your continued support has put PC Matic in the unique position to solve ransomware through application whitelisting.  We are humbled and inspired in your belief in us and our technologies.

In April, a public-private task force including Microsoft, Amazon, the National Governors Association, the FBI, Secret Service and Britain and Canada’s elite crime agencies delivered to the White House an 81-page urgent action plan for an aggressive and comprehensive whole-of-government assault on ransomware.  The headline was “No Silver Bullet for Ransomware”.  It is amazing that so many cyber experts are unaware of application whitelisting.

In June, Ann Neuberger, from the White House’s National Security Council, wrote an open letter to every business urging them take ransomware seriously.  We applaud Neuberger’s efforts to raise ransowmare’s awareness, however Ann omitted application whitelisting from her list of recommendations. 

The Colonial Pipeline shutdown raised ransomware’s profile and the public demanded better solutions.  Thank you to the many PC Matic customers that thrashed the folks at Colonial Pipeline for deploying old archaic cyber solutions instead of PC Matic’s application whitelisting.

The #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters Movement

Your actions with the Colonial Pipeline inspired us to create a movement.  #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters #AWLM #PCMATIC.  PC Matic is just one company. However, there are millions of you. You each have a voice to educate the market of the silver bullet that defeats ransomware, application whitelisting.

Being the early adopters and believers in application whitelisting, you are the living proof that PC Matic’s customers are uninfected and that application whitelisting works.  The goal of #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters is to gain in numbers and become a much needed, credible, alternate voice in cybersecurity.  Application whitelisting is a common sense solution to ransomware.  As some point, common sense was lost in the cyber security discussion.  #AWLM is an effort to restore common sense and sanity into the nation’s cyber defenses.

#ApplicationWhitelistingMatters’s toolset is social media.  We will be analyzing the news and posting on social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with the #AWLM.  Join the conversation.  The more that join, the bigger the movement, the larger the awareness of application whitelisting, and finally the lower the infections.  This is how we win.

America is the greatest country on earth with the most important and influential universities in the world, and hence some of the smartest people on the planet. American companies drove the innovations that have transformed humanity creating vast wealth for our country. On top of that, America has the most dominant military of all time. Somehow, I got to believe that we got this.

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35 thoughts on “Join the #ApplicationWhitelistingMatters Movement”

  1. I love Pc Matic- I have tried other’s .End up with problems . Since I have Pc Matic I Feel safe and no problems .I now have Pc Matic LIFE TIME . Thank you Pc Matic .

  2. Used to have McAffee & Norton. Both allowed viruses to infect my computer several times. Luckily, I saw PC Magic’s ads & decided to give them a try. So glad I switched when I did. Have not had a single incident since switching. Been using them for years & got the lifetime coverage. Keep trying to get others to switch. Can’t understand why all the big companies & government don’t switch.

  3. From what I’ve studied, the CIA has the ability to do its own attack and make it seem like it is from another country. Seeing the recent lack of integrity and honesty in the intelligence community, I think that possibility should also be considered. False flags and inside jobs are certainly possibilities.

  4. Roxy Hannafious

    “America is the greatest country on earth with the most important and influential universities in the world, and hence some of the smartest people on the planet. American companies drove the innovations that have transformed humanity creating vast wealth for our country. On top of that, America has the most dominant military of all time. Somehow, I got to believe that we got this.”
    Thank you a THOUSAND TIMES OVER!!!

  5. PC Matic is my peace of mind. I’m not tech savvy, but I do not worry about it because I them to protect me. The techs are absolutely awesome! They are patient and always willing to help. I had the “other guys” protecting me and they did a good job. I have to give credit where credit is due, but… I was not at peace because they were in another country. I heard Mr. Cheng’s advertisement and decided to change. I am extremely happy I did. Thank you PC Matic members for All your help!!!

  6. Please explain whitelisting to all of us as someone requested. I have an idea but not sure if I am correct! Thanks!

    1. Alright, here’s the short version. A blacklist is a list of all known bad files. This is what most antiviruses use for malware detection, meaning they allow anything that isn’t on the blacklist to run. A whitelist is the opposite. It’s a list of all the known good applications, and will only allow those applications to run. The key to remember here is, malware is often classified as “unknown” because it hasn’t been found to be bad yet, and hasn’t been (and wouldn’t be) tested and proven safe. Because the whitelist only allows known, good files to run — it would still block the unknown malware, unlike a blacklist methodology.

  7. I also am a pc matic life time whitelisted. I have had no problems. I recommend everyone to use pc matic whitelisting. Better safe than sorry I tell my friends

  8. As with JON MACALUSO comment, I also use Linux Mint mainly, and use Windows 10 for things that I can’t do on Linux. I also wish there was a small PC Matic for Linux, but there is an extension which I use on my browser (I use Chrome or Edge) which will stop requests and stops links to suspicious URLs.
    I love PC Matic, have been using it since day 1 and also had an Evergreen license. I recommend it to all my colleagues, friends and family.

  9. I finally feel safe when I’m online with PC magic works great. Gives me reports on what was found and done to correct it. Great price I would recommend to anyone.

  10. My brother who was very computer knowledgeable recommended PCmatic. Best advice I ever took from him. I feel safe!

  11. My first thought hearing the news about Colonial Pipelines was “They didn’t have PC Matic.” Why do so many overpaid cyber security geniuses not consider your products?

  12. I have tried many anti virus programs but when I decided to try PC MATIC was the best decision that I have ever made in anti virus for all of my computers in fact I have their life time subscription and I would not consider any other . Thank You PC MATIC

  13. My computer runs so efficiently these days, since I have gotten PC Matic for my computer and phone. This was the best decision I have made in a long time.
    I am grateful that this company is owned and produced in the great USA and not from other countries!

  14. I have used PC Matic for several years to protect my computers. They are by far the best investment I have made for security. It is very user friendly and does an excellent job. Thank You PC Matic.

  15. PC Matic is the BEST ,have tried the others and nothing compares to what PC matic offers. Never a glitch since installing,glad I purchased for life program.

  16. PCMATIC is married to my trusty laptop..and has been for many years..I’m excited about pcmatic’s new service offer,,24/7 tech access….yep, I’m a lifer with pcmatic.
    Success is always on consignment…however the folks at pcmatic continue to earn my trust.
    Rob/ aka Bronco Bob

  17. I am a retired war veteran ned a client of PC Matic I will never go anywhere else they have keep me posted and updated and protected for the past 4 years this company cares about their clients and the US Security I will never switch NEVER. Pete Arizona

  18. Robert Frank Grossman

    Please explain how white listing works. I’ve been using PC Matic but I don’t recall seeing anything about whitelisting. How do I activate it?

    1. Hi Robert,
      Whitelisting is the core of our technology. It should be already installed; however, if you’d like to confirm you may hover over the PC Matic icon in your tray by the clock. Hovering over, you should see “SuperShield is installed and working properly.” Now, as far as how whitelisting works — Whitelisting is a layer of protection that only allows known, good programs to run, greatly reducing the risk of infection.

  19. pc-matic is like a steam engine.
    150 years ago they invented the steam engine & today it’s still working, powering 75% of Americas needs. Amazing how the simple & basic stuff is the Best.

  20. Whitelisting is not rocket science. It’s the oldest solution in the book. It isn’t used by the masses because it is so much easier to to let everything through and hope that your virus solution works. I’ve worked for over 25 years in corporate computer networking. I understand that there are only a very few applications that need to be allowed to run without question. Everything else needs to be analyzed and scrutinized before execution. Lazy AV solutions want everything to pass and then scan for problems as they happen, but by then it’s too late. PC Matic does the opposite. And it does that well. I wish it was even more strict, but that would require more end user interaction, and let’s face it, 99.999% of users have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. PC Matic is the best alternative. I’ve used Symantec, Avast, McAffee, Kapersky, AVG and many other AV solutions in corporate environments over the years with tens of thousands of users. Updating definitions across continents was always an issue, especially with mobile users. If they weren’t online and authenticated to the corporate network, nothing was updated, sometimes for months on end. PC Matic would have been an excellent solution for that environment. I love the fact that I paid a mere $150 for five PCs for life! That covers my family. For myself, I only use a Windows based PC for one application (because it only works in Windows). Everything else I do is in a Debian Linux environment. I wish PC Matic had a small package for Linux. Even so, my wife and three children are protected. And with all the web surfing my kids do, I can sleep well.

  21. Johnnie Alexander

    I really not sure what are Wanting here look I will never trust our Goverment to do a damn thin correct it at this point in time the to me seems that they would like to turn America into a communist State that is Why Joe Biden was elected with the foolish People he has appointed

  22. John F Edwards

    Thank you PC Matic for making me feel safe about using my PC and not having to worry about hackers.

  23. Sherwood Uhrmacher

    I totally agree with your philosophy of spreading the GOOD news about Whitelisting. As the old saw goes, “The proof is in the pudding”, and Whitelisting certainly will provide great immunity if properly utilized. I would like to stress one other point however, and that is the concept of proper and TIMELY use of backup software, particularly of software that makes a “mirror image” of your hard drive(s). Sure, it takes time out of your busy day to backup your computer, but think how HAPPY you will be when the close lightning strike wipes out your Operating System, or a virus strikes, or ransom software rears its ugly head. Learn to use “incremental” backups, which are easily done each day, week, etc., that only backup data that has changed. I fully agree with chengrob that we are fortunate to live in the United States of America, the greatest country on this planet!

  24. Daniel D. Plants

    PC Matic is the best computer security system I have ever owned in over 40 years of computer experience. It is head and shoulders above all the foreign owned and managed programs currently available, and one of its primary strengths is application whitelisting. “You can knock, but you can’t get in if you ain’t on the whitelist, pal!” How common sense is that??!! And the icing on the cake is that this American owned and developed system is amazingly affordable. It is literally the best in the world for private users, corporate users and government (local, state, and Federal) users.

  25. I am very pleased to hear that you guys are on our side and doing all you can to help your customers and our great Nation. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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