64 Bit Operating System Trends

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In a Microwave world where everyone is looking for immediate satisfaction the computer system is not exempt. Faster processors, larger RAM, and faster broadband connections are a few examples of optimizing a computer’s potential.

Years ago it was basically just Servers reaping the benefit of 64-bit processing, but today 64-bit processors have almost becoming more common amongst both desktop and portable PCs. This advanced technology actually doubles the amount of data a CPU can process per clock cycle, essentially blowing the 32-bit chip out the water.

64 Bit Operating System Trends are now becoming the rule and is taking place across all device types.

The 64-bit migration crosses both desktops and portables.

Windows 7 lead the way to 64 bit adoption.

Worldwide Migration to 64 Bit.

Business are catching up to the home use of 64-bit systems.

Both Men & Women Want More Computing Power

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