64 Bit Operating System Trends

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In a Microwave world where everyone is looking for immediate satisfaction the computer system is not exempt. Faster processors, larger RAM, and faster broadband connections are a few examples of optimizing a computer’s potential.

Years ago it was basically just Servers reaping the benefit of 64-bit processing, but today 64-bit processors have almost becoming more common amongst both desktop and portable PCs. This advanced technology actually doubles the amount of data a CPU can process per clock cycle, essentially blowing the 32-bit chip out the water.

64 Bit Operating System Trends are now becoming the rule and is taking place across all device types.

The 64-bit migration crosses both desktops and portables.

Windows 7 lead the way to 64 bit adoption.

Worldwide Migration to 64 Bit.

Business are catching up to the home use of 64-bit systems.

Both Men & Women Want More Computing Power

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23 thoughts on “64 Bit Operating System Trends”

  1. that's funny merlin, I run win 7 ultimate 64 bit,,, fully updated and never run any slower… better clean your system up cause its not because of the updates……

  2. I was very disappointed to find out that my Palm Zire and my Xerox printer/copier would not work with my 64 bit system. There are no drivers for many older devices and no way to convert the working 32 bit drivers to 64 bit. If I had known about this, I would have bought a 32 bit computer, saving money on both the computer and the new PDA and printer I had to buy.

  3. I once had a blazing fast 64 bit W7, for a few months, but now it’s slower than my dysfunctional old XP 32 bit, the reason, the W7 never ending stream of updates of course, I tried counting them and got lost after 300 plus and wasn’t halfway to the end. Every time it installs a new one it slows down the whole thing.
    There should be a limit on the number updates allowed, at a certain point they, M$, should be forced send out a new Windows disc and not one that’s just a case of band-aides all strung together. Of course it would help a lot if a windows disc came with the computer these years, companies like Gateway/Acer refuses to include any, instead they instruct you to make a back up on CD but of course their back up software doesn’t work and without that back up CD their system restore disc, only restores the HD to day one condition, meaning it wipes out everything on the HD, those discs won’t work either.

  4. the 64 btt os is best. i have win7 64 on dx58so board with intel 920 proc. w/6 gig ram. my main use is for graphics and file conversions. it cost a little more but the speed/time is worth it. on the internet/broweser/and software sde I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY/WHAT S TAKING THESE DEVELOPERS SO LONG BECAUSE HARDWARE IS PUSHING 64 bit LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. THERE IS DEFNATELY A MAJOR LACK OF COOPERATION..99% OF MY SOFTWARE IS x86 ( 32 bit) . I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT 64 bit PROGRAMS/SOFTWARE WOULD BE LIKE. C’MON PEOPLE IT’S LIKE WE ARE BEING SCAMMED except for processing things like i mentioned ie. graphics/video convesion.

    1. Richard,
      Join the unhappy users who did the right thing. 64 bit processor and 64 bit OS. Win 7 Pro…. adobe flash flashed and is hiding somewhere in the boondocks. some sites for some unkn reason lets Flash work. I do not allow data to be stored on my puter. I am comming up for a new motherboard.

    2. Well, not many will remember the problems when switching from 16 bit to 32 bit.

      Same scenario – LOADS of software problems.

      I for one want to KEEP my 32 bit programs. They work fine. Why upgrade? It’s just another reason to bilk me out of money.

      And the more you give Microsoft the more junk they will hog.

      There is absolutely no need to ever run more than a couple of dozen processes and yet Microsoft wants to run around a hundred?

      What benefit do you get for the extra speed you paid for? The speed should be used for your programs and not the operating system.

      Microsoft will just consume most of the extra resources and you are soon back to square one – having to upgrade to get your speed back.

      And with the illegal DRM junk they force on your computer it is only going to get worse.

      Soon, 1/3 of your resources will be used just for DRM.

      Are you all ready to ‘rent to use’ your games and software?

  5. I have 64-bit XP+ 64 bit. Adobe insists on trying to download, then error-messages that it does not work on 64 bit. They offer a 64-bit beta program. IT WILL NOT INSTALL! They also offer a 32-bit work around for a 64-bit OS. IT DOES NOT WORK EITHER! So here I am with an upgraded 64-bit system that cannot use aAobe. Anything I can do other than burn down the Adobe offices or kick their incompetent designers in the gonads?

  6. I’ve got a 64 bit loaded with 32 bit software, which is oh so disappointing. Hopefully some year the code writers will get their collective act together.

  7. I too have 2 computers running Windows7 Home Edition. I have been able to navigate around most conflicts between 32 bit and 64 bit.Alot of asking questions and doing online research has helped. I am however, peeved with Adobe and their reluctance to release a 64 bit flashplayer. C-mon Adobe…The Future is NOW!

  8. 64 bit will be really great once the software arrives, and drivers too. Thankfully W7 runs 32 bit software, just not drivers. So I wait with a room full of hardware I can’t use, and some is definitely dead forever once the old XP machine dies,

  9. Does everyone think that having 64bit will cause you problems not at all it will most likely be your OS or memory. i use windows 7 but most about 90% of the programs out there only run at 32bit however windows is very clever and will run it at 32bit plus windows 7 has a built in Compatibility device which i think is great Ms guys you should keep this up and develop it. and get a move on developing the 64bit IE browser ye its there but very limited

  10. I run alot of games on a 64 machine and have very few issues.
    If the system is win 7 it will even run 32 programs without much problem but might take a tweak or two but works great.
    I even run ms combat flight sim, the old one just fine but had to slow the system down a bit to do it in the game settings itself in the win 7 section.

  11. I have installed 64bit on three computers. I wanted it for the usage of more memory. On my Windows 7 there is both IE 64 and plain IE. I really like Windows 7.

  12. Michel Blanchard

    What about video games ?
    I definitely wanted to go 64, but I was afraid I could not play even the newest games. Games are software that use about every resource a computer can offer.
    Am I wrong?

  13. 64 bit seems faster. if you run ie explorer in 64 bit mode then forget about flash – adobes flash player wont support the 64 bit. even the beta doesnt seem to help. firefox to the rescue. luckily all the other old programms designed for 32 bit seem to play fine in 64. and the other big advantage to 64 is the almost limitless memory that windows can make use of.

  14. The only problem with running IE x64 is adobe still has not released adobe flash 64 bit yet, and from the looks of it they have absolutely NO intentions of releasing one anytime soon. This is a shame because nearly every website incorporates adobe flash within their web pages. Hopefully someone will release an alternative to flash sometime soon. Leave it to one stuck up company to mess things up for everyone!!! Shame on you adobe!!!!

  15. Sorry about my question, but if I have a 64 bit OS, I can run programs, built in 32 bit, like power DVD 9, ashampoo burning studio 9, etc…?
    Thank you

  16. There is a 64 bit IE browser, however I think there are some limitations. I wonder are there any other browsers running in 64 bit.

    I havent found one yet

    When formatting for a sixty four bit OS do you alter the default allocation table?

    Nope, I have 2 systems running Windows 7 x64 and I never changed the Default allocation table. Just make sure your drive is NTFS formatted and away you go. 64 bit over 32 bit just runs way faster, if you have more than 3 gig of ram then you need to run 64 bit just to get windows to recognise the extra memory, I do a lot of work in photoshop and the extra power and speed i get from 64 bit is very noticable

  17. I have run both 32 bit and 64 bit OS on my laptop and the sixty four bit is definitely faster.

    There is a 64 bit IE browser, however I think there are some limitations. I wonder are there any other browsers running in 64 bit.

    When formatting for a sixty four bit OS do you alter the default allocation table?

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